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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) - latest news from Puddle Ducks

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  • Following the introduction of the 'Rule of 6' for social gatherings in England, Puddle Ducks are delighted that our classes will not be affected as we operate a COVID-secure business in line with industry guidelines.

    To see our FAQs about how we have gone about restarting our lessons click HERE.

  • We are thrilled to be able to finally announce that our lessons will restart from the 1st September 2020. After the long-awaited Government announcement today, indoor pools are allowed to reopen, in England, from the 25th July. The reason for the delay between pools opening and lessons restarting is simple, we need time to risk assess all of our pool environments based on the official guidance from our governing body, the STA, to ensure lessons are as safe as they can be for you, our wonderful customers and of course our Puddle Ducks team members.

    We have been planning, behind the scenes for the last couple of months but now, with the official guidance, the last piece in the puzzle, we can finally make concrete plans.

    You will all hear from us soon with details of your first lesson back but please be assured, we know how long it has been since you child has been in a lesson, maybe even in the water and therefore we will be focusing on a reintroduction to the water for the first few lessons, assessing each individual’s levels of confidence.

    Our plan is to restart lessons in as many pools as we can from the 1st September but we know we won’t be able to use some of our pools from this date but we will be in touch with all the details on this.

    We want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to you, our customers, who have stuck with us during what has been a uniquely difficult time for all of us. We are truly overwhelmed by the support and loyalty shown to Puddle Ducks and we will never forget it. It goes without saying that we cannot wait to see you all again, your teachers are so excited to see how all your little ones have grown.

    We also want to assure you that we will be employing the highest standards to make sure you and you child are as safe as possible at our lessons. Here are the main steps we have taken to ensure your safety:


    1. Each pool environment will have been risk assessed from the car parking, to reception areas, to the changing rooms to the pool area and all adjoining areas and how we are going to keep areas and equipment clean and we will publish the procedures we have gone through to keep you safe. We will also produce a specific document for each pool which will be emailed and put on the pool information page on our website to detail any new ways of doing things
    2. New, temporary lesson plans are being written for two reasons:
      • We will run at least two weeks of ‘reintroduction to swimming’ lesson plans as it will have been almost 6 months since some of our swimmers will have been in a pool. We want to take the opportunity to get to know our teachers and classmates again and to regain any lost water confidence. The first couple of lessons will concentrate on having fun and remembering everything we love about our Puddle Ducks lessons and our time in the water
      • We have had to rethink the way we use our equipment and the way you all interact with your teachers and each other. All of this will be explained in detail before you attend your lesson but please be assured it will still be the Puddle Ducks lesson you know and love
    3. We have written a brief addendum to our terms and conditions explaining what we expect from our customers when attending our lessons – nothing that you won’t have heard from other activity providers such as not attending lessons if you have symptoms etc. but vital to ensure the safety of our teachers, poolside assistants and all of our customers.

    For the last few months, swimming has been ‘on hold’, and with good reason but now we can come back, better and stronger than ever, thanks to you, our amazing customers, and the whole of the Puddle Ducks family. We can’t wait to get back to doing what we do best; teaching our babies and children to love and respect the water and to swim beautifully – all while having lots of fun!

  • Dear West Kent and East Sussex Puddle Ducks,

    In these most testing of times we wanted to write out to you personally about the situation that we all now find ourselves in.

    You will already be aware that all of our classes are suspended until further notice. We are absolutely devastated about this, but we understand it is what has to happen for everyone’s safety and security and we know that it is the right thing to do.

    We started this business nearly 8 years ago and have worked tirelessly to build it to what it is today. Our hearts and souls are in everything that we do, and we are extremely proud of both the classes, and the customer service that we have been able to deliver with our amazing team of people.

    Over the years we have met many of you personally, and those who have come to know us, or see us regularly, will know how upsetting this action is for us.  We’ve always had contingency plans in place for pool closures due to maintenance etc. but we never foresaw a day when we would have to suspend all of our classes. We ask you to spare a thought at this time for the nearly 40 strong team of people that work with us, who do so brilliantly, who very sadly have no work at this time. We can absolutely assure you, that we will be back in the water, doing what we all love doing as soon as we feel it is safe to do so.

    We have taken the action of freezing all of our customer accounts, this means that your place in your class is ring fenced, and is yours to return to as soon as we start swimming again. It also means that no further payments will be taken from you during this period of closure. We have also taken the additional action of extending the validity of all courtesy class vouchers that you have on your account for a further 3 months. You can read the FAQ’s in relation to the action that we have taken here.

    Please don’t worry about your children being out of the water for the next few weeks, we are working on some dry and bath time lesson plans that you can fun with at home with your children, and we will pick up where we left off when we return. As ever your little ones will be in the safest of hands on their return.

    As far as the office is concerned, we’re still here. We do have some members of our office team who are self-isolating at the moment, and others who will have children at home after Friday so please try to contact us by email only, and please bear with us. We will get back to you - but it may not be as quick as you are used to.

    All that remains for us to say at this point, is we genuinely can’t wait to see you all again, and we hope that it is very, very soon.

    In the meantime, look after yourselves and all of those around you.

    Until we swim together again, splash, splash, splash…

    Much love,

    Clive and Lindsay, and all of the Puddle Ducks team xx

  • Puddle Ducks have taken the very difficult decision to suspend our lessons for the time being due to the advice from the Government in relation to avoiding all non-essential contact and travel. We are devastated about this but know it is the right thing to do. We talk about swimming being an essential life skill, and it is, but we have to put the health of our children, parents and carers, teachers and other people involved in delivering our wonderful lessons first; indeed, we have to play our part in safeguarding the health of the nation.

    We hope to be back, in the pool, doing what we do as soon as possible. In the meantime if you have any questions relating to your account or your monthly payments we have collated specific FAQs to help address any concerns you may have in light of our decision; alternatively please contact your local office and they will as always be happy help.

    We want you to know we are still here for you and we will be constantly producing new materials for you to do with your little ones in these difficult times, games to play in the bath and activities to do at home for those of you who are house-bound.

    Our network of franchise owners, our teachers, poolside assistants and office staff are obviously facing a very difficult period, as we know many of our customers will be. We want to take this opportunity to ask you all to look after yourselves, both physically and mentally.

    We will stay in touch and communicate news about our lessons as soon as we have it. We are waiting for the day when we can see you all again at the pool, until then, stay safe.

    Love and best wishes from all at Puddle Ducks x

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