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Puddle Ducks Baby Pre-School Swimming (with Mum)

Babies and Swimming: Everything You Wanted to Know

Swimming with your baby can be one of the most rewarding experiences you share together.

There are many benefits that come with swimming at an early age, especially as babies already have a real connection with water from birth. Taking part in swimming lessons can build up independence in the water (and out of it), as well as helping to develop higher brain functions and core muscle.

If you’re thinking about taking your baby swimming but aren’t sure how to get started, we’ve created an insightful guide that explains the main reasons why swimming can be helpful to both parent and baby, alongside all the useful information you need.

Our guide also outlines some crucial safety advice, explains what happens during baby swimming lessons, and advises what to do if your baby seems nervous or unhappy in the water.

‘Water’ you waiting for? Download the guide to find out why swimming is so great!


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