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A Week in the Life of Puddle Ducks' Technical Director - Part 5

Ali Beckman is Puddle Ducks' Technical Director and Head Teacher, and she is one of the country’s leading experts in swimming teaching.

Puddle Ducks turned 15 in October and Ali (who was a competitive swimmer in her youth, and has always loved being in the water) was the company’s very first employee, joining as a swimming teacher in March 2005. By December of that year she was writing her first set of lesson plans for the newly launched Dabblers class and then started writing the first teaching manual and lesson plans for other programmes shortly after.

Over seven weeks, we’ll be sharing with you a week in the life of Ali, focusing on one day per week. We’ll be learning about what she does on a day to day basis and how she spends her (rare) time relaxing.

Day Five – Wednesday
I was at Duck HQ (Head Office) today. I try to go twice a week as it's important to catch up with the rest of the team there, however sometime it's difficult as I'm often travelling around the country or working on a project where I can't be distracted. In between trying to catch up with emails and phone calls, I had a meeting with our Head of Marketing about Aquanatal, my Technical Administrator about course planning and Super Teacher Nici and the IT team about transferring our existing teacher databases onto our new bespoke IT system. I seem to move from one meeting to another when I'm in the office and my emails build up through the day so I always make time later on to catch up.

I left at 3pm, raced home, took my daughter to her maths tutor and whilst she was having her lesson I turned on the laptop to catch up with those emails - I never sleep if I know there's messages I need to reply to! Then it was a dash home to get my daughter ready for her swim training with the local swimming club where my husband is a coach. I got an hour to catch up with more emails then had to take my son to his swim training, had 30 minutes in the gym whilst waiting for my daughter to finish then did we did the weekly shop together. As soon as she was in bed I was back at the laptop! Thursdays are quieter.....or are they?!

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  • Teaching with Puddle Ducks

    Teaching with Puddle Ducks

    We’re always on the lookout for hard workers with a love of water and children, who care enough about giving babies and children a gift of complete freedom and pleasure in the water, and want to give them something that is both a skill for life and a life-saving skill.

    Find out more about becoming a Puddle Ducks teacher.

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  • Franchising with Puddle Ducks

    Franchising with Puddle Ducks

    Just like the children we teach, a Puddle Ducks’ franchise is completely unique. It’s an investment that allows you to do something you love and turn it into a profitable business.

    All of our franchisees start off teaching in the water, so they can fully immerse themselves in the product and truly understand their customers.  But ultimately, the aim is for you to manage a team of teachers, taking ownership of your own territory.

    We’ll be there to help every step of the way. It’s up to you how quickly you go from dipping your toes in to diving in at the deep end.

    Find out more about franchising with Puddle Ducks.

    Find out more.

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