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Immunisations and swimming with your baby

Can babies go swimming before they are immunised?

Parents often ask us whether their babies can swim before they have been immunised.  The answer is yes, babies can swim any time before or after their immunisations. At Puddle Ducks we follow the guidelines set by the Government and they have recently produced this booklet which includes the new MenB vaccination (see section 2.22 for specific swimming information).

NHS Booklet - A Guide To Immunisations

It is important to note that sometimes a baby can have a reaction to their immunisations, resulting with a fever and sometimes diarrhoea. If a fever occurs, it’s probably wise to keep them off swimming – we all know how bad we feel when we have a fever ourselves so keep them away from the pool and have plenty of extra cuddles at home. If your baby suffers from diarrhoea they must stay away from the pool for two weeks. This is a health and safety advisory from the Public Health Department and applies to all swimming lessons across the UK.

If you want further reassurance, please talk to your Puddle Ducks teacher or even the other mums and dads in your lessons – we often all have the same concerns.

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