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National Star Teacher, Summer 2024

Congratulations to George Simms & Emma Coils from Puddle Ducks West Yorkshire!

George and Emma were nominated by Benjamin’s mummy, and this is what she had to say:

"Benjamin has autism and struggles with anxiety. Emma and George are amazing with him. They have learnt what helps Benjamin to stay calm and focused and constantly adapt to best meet his needs so that he can feel calm and enjoy his lessons. Whilst doing this they also give 100% to the rest of his swim group as well. If Benjamin is having a difficult day and his anxieties are high his behaviour can be unpredictable. Both Emma and George recognise this and manage these situations really well. Both Benjamin and I have been made to feel very welcome. I can’t praise them both enough. I really do think they both deserve recognition for their inclusive nature. Amazing!"

The nomination was chosen by Dame Laura Kenny, the most successful female cyclist and the most successful British female athlete, in Olympic history. Laura is a Puddle Ducks customer and this is what Laura had to say about the nomination:

I have had the wonderful job of selecting the Puddle Ducks Star Teacher. I have loved reading all the nominations and reasons as to why you have nominated your teachers. I would love to give every teacher this award because you all deserve it for the time and effort you put in to helping our children swim. Unfortunately I could only pick one and my winners are George & Emma from Puddle Ducks West Yorkshire. I truly believe sport is for everyone and reading how George & Emma makes sure everyone is always included is what sport is all about. The ability to adjust to different children’s needs within a session and making sure everyone else is also focussed on is such a hard skill to learn. So to read that George & Emma do this so well is why I am picking them as my winners.

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