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Puddle Ducks Bromley & Orpington launches

Welcome Lizi!

We are very pleased to announce that Puddle Ducks classes are now available in the Bromley and Orpington area!

Puddle Ducks Bromley & Orpington is being run by Lizi Allanson and currently has Baby & Pre-school classes starting at Skeet Hill House in Orpington.

Lizi has always enjoyed swimming, competing for a club between the ages of 6 and 16; “I never stopped swimming. I would regularly go 2-3 times a week in the evenings. I did baby swimming with both of my children and loved it, so I can’t wait to bring Puddle Ducks to the families in Bromley and Orpington!”

Returning to work after having her first son (Ryan, now aged 4) was hard for Lizi “With the commute I would often leave before he was awake and would not be home until bedtime, so for the three days I worked I barely saw him, sometimes not at all.” But it wasn’t until her maternity leave ended after her second son (Caleb, now aged 2) that Lizi realised that a job in the financial sector wasn’t giving her the work-life balance that she craved; “When we had Caleb and I went back, it became clear to me that I was compromising time with my children for a job I no longer enjoyed. With the commute getting worse due to constant train problems, I decided to have a complete career change and do something that I was passionate about.”

Lizi would like any potential new franchisees to know that the hard work that you put in is worth it; “You have to be passionate about what Puddle Ducks are all about, and really believe in what they do. Make sure you fully understand what is involved and how much time it will take in the beginning to get off the ground. It is a challenging journey, but fun, exciting and rewarding.”

“I want my Franchise to be successful, profitable, and for it to continually expand. I want to deliver excellent lessons and really champion the Puddle Ducks brand.”

  • Puddle Ducks Bromley & Orpington

    Puddle Ducks Bromley & Orpington

    The lessons in Bromley & Orpington take place at Skeet Hill House in Orpington on Tuesday mornings, and will soon be starting at Orpington Hospital Hydrotherapy Pool on Wednesday mornings and Friday afternoons.

    Find out more about lessons in Bromley & Orpington.

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  • Puddle Ducks Franchising

    Puddle Ducks Franchising

    Just like the children we teach, a Puddle Ducks franchise is completely unique. It’s an investment that allows you to do something you love and turn it into a profitable business.

    All of our franchisees start off teaching in the water, so they can fully immerse themselves in the product and truly understand their customers.

    Find out more about franchising with Puddle Ducks

    Learn more

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