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The Ripple Effect

Laura, Lorenzo's Mum, Reflects on the Meaning of The Ripple Effect

Learning to swim enhances all aspects of your life. This is known as The Ripple Effect at Puddle Ducks. We have spoken to Lorenzo's mum, Laura, about what The Ripple Effect means to them as part of our ongoing series following Lorenzo's swimming journey. Join us as we explore the effects of swimming beyond the bubbles and splashes, covering all aspects of family dynamics, social connections, and health.

Skills for life

Swimming lessons for Lorenzo were always a high priority for us as it is such an important life skill to learn. We’ve been coming to Puddle Ducks with him from such a young age, it has benefited him in so many ways and Lorenzo now absolutely loves water. Splashing in his lessons and the bath are his favourite things to do. From practising in lessons, if we say ‘Lorenzo… ready’ when washing his hair in the bath he takes a deep breath and if the water goes on his face, he doesn’t rub his eyes, if the water goes into his mouth, he knows to spurt it out!

Healthy life

As well as the lessons being a great time for bonding between Lorenzo and I, they have also been a great way to get us both out of the house and stay active! Lorenzo’s legs are always kicking and arms always splashing- he tires himself out so much that he always has a great nap after swimming!

Social life

We both really look forward to our weekly swimming lesson as it also means we get to see our friends! Through Puddle Ducks we have both made some friends for life. We enjoy going for walks, lunch and play dates after lessons but also catching up with our friends for days out too!

Family life

Knowing how much Lorenzo loves water makes bath time such a special time in our day! Our Puddle Ducks swimming lessons have made Lorenzo so confident in the water. He loves blowing bubbles in the bath and practising his face dips!


Thanks to Laura for sharing this with us all. In every splash, every giggle, and every newfound friendship, it’s clear to see the ripple effect of Lorenzo's swimming lessons. From fostering a healthy lifestyle to enriching social circles and of course, teaching skills for life, the benefits are undeniable.

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