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  • Keeping Your Children Safe In The Water

    Keeping Your Children Safe In The Water

    One of, if not the most important aspect of learning to swim is being safe in the water.

    Many of our activities are great fun for the little ones but they are picking up a personal survival or water safety skill without even realising.

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  • Drown Proofing Report

    Drown Proofing Report

    The baby swimming industry speaks out

    All the major UK bodies involved in baby swimming have come together to speak out and warn parents about the dangers of ‘survival’ methods being taught to young infants.

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  • Winter Swimming Tips

    Winter Swimming Tips

    Don’t be put off by the cold weather, we still love swimming in the winter, and we hope that you do too!

    Here are some handy tips to keep the trips to the pool fun for all…

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  • Charity Pyjama Week

    Charity Pyjama Week

    Puddle Ducks Charity Pyjama Week aims to raise more than last year.

    Our November Pyjama Week is almost upon us and we are excited about how much money will be raised.

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  • Why Pyjama Week is important

    Why Pyjama Week is important

    Puddle Ducks Pyjama Week teaches invaluable personal survival skills as well as being lots of fun!

    Three times a year we teach a special lesson plan. Our children (and adults who are in the water) wear their pyjamas to replicate how it would feel to be in the water in your clothes - the most likely scenario if you fell in.

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  • Holiday Swimming Tips

    Holiday Swimming Tips

    Find out how to safely enjoy swimming away from our classes - on holiday or just out on a day trip!

    We often get asked about how to safely enjoy swimming away from our classes, especially on holiday and how to help children retain and gain even more confidence during the long summer break. Read on for more details!

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