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We take our responsibilities very seriously and want to make a positive difference to the community we’re part of – both nationally and locally. We aim to be a positive force in society – from being a good employer offering opportunities for local people to paying our fair share of tax. We have a strong local focus supported by our national network of franchisees and support both national and local charities nationwide

With customers, franchisees and swimming classes across the UK, we want to make a positive difference to the communities that we’re a part of. Our Community is made up of the charities we raise funds for, the partners we work with and the people and organisations that we support.

  • Puddle Ducks Pyjama PartyAt Puddle Ducks, we are committed to supporting charities on both a local and a national basis.  Once a year we hold a national Pyjama Party event where children from two months old to ten years of age get sponsored for wearing their pyjamas to their Puddle Ducks swimming classes and there are also fundraising activities poolside to raise funds for charity. Our fundraising total in 2016 was £50,670, and in 2015 was £55,487 which was an increase of over £29,000 on 2014’s amount. The total raised for national and local charities in the last six years is £173,668.

    Our local Puddle Ducks offices also hold additional fundraising events in order to support their local good causes.


  • Puddle Ducks believe in partnering with organisations who share our ethical position and approach. We have provided the following links to our partners, who we're sure you'll love too. We hope you find them useful (but please note we do not hold any responsibility for the content of the linked sites)



    We are delighted to work in partnership with Butlin's to provide swimming activity sessions during their award winning Just for Tots breaks.

    Butlin’s have been awarded the Mumsnet Family Friendly Gold Award for being a super family friendly company in 2015, 2014 and 2013. Their Just for Tots breaks have also been awarded the Mumsnet Family Friendly Innovation Award in 2014.

    Find out more about the Puddle Ducks lessons at Butlin's "Just for Tots" breaks


    National Childbirth Trust (NCT)
    The National Childbirth Trust (NCT) are a charity who’s aim is to support parents through the provision of accurate, impartial information so that they can decide what’s best for their family, and introduce them to a network of local parents to gain practical and emotional support.

    Puddle Ducks are proud sponsors of NCT’s The Big Push – a sponsored buggy push with the aim to combat loneliness in new parents. Don't worry, you don't need to bring a pushchair - toddlers, babies in slings, friends and family take part, raising money to help mums and dads who are feeling lonely.



    The National Deaf Children's Society is the leading charity dedicated to creating a world without barriers for deaf children and young people. They support families with deaf children from birth to 25.

    There are over 45,000 deaf children living in the UK, 90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents with little or no experience of deafness or knowledge of how to communicate with a deaf person. Without the right support, deaf young people are vulnerable to isolation, abuse, bullying, poor self-esteem and low levels of achievement. Puddle Ducks have worked closely with the NDCS to ensure that all of our lessons are deaf friendly. 

     One to One Midwives

    One to One midwives is a FREE service commissioned by the NHS and believe that every woman has the right to choose the maternity care that she receives. Working in partnership with the NHS, One to One have developed a new and innovative approach to FREE maternity care, and deliver an enhanced personalised service through a team of dedicated and passionate midwives.

    From the moment you contact them, whether you have just found out you are pregnant or at any stage during your pregnancy, One to One will provide you with your own personal midwife throughout your pregnancy, birth and postnatal period.



    Raring2go! is just like Puddle Ducks..... We are fun, colourful, good at what we do and passionate about the way we do it..... Just like Puddle Ducks we are also a tremendous resource for parents.

    We are all about helping families have fun. Our magazines list all manner of local clubs, classes, associations and societies; provide details of events and local businesses; contain useful family friendly features; our website is jam packed with quality local discount vouchers and offers and rammed with local and national competitions.



    Colex Photography 

    Colex Photography is an exciting, dynamic reliable personal photographic service, which has worked with Puddle Ducks on the underwater photoshoots for several years.

    Based in the heart of Cheshire, they work across the UK to bring innovative and high quality photography to their clientèle. Commissions are also taken.

  • Whether it be through our charity work, partner activities or supporting good causes, it’s important that we give something back to our community. If you know of a good cause that you feel could benefit from support from Puddle Ducks, please contact us on 01477 410084 or email