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What should you ask of a Franchisor?

Franchising can be a daunting undertaking if you're new to the industry. So, here are ten things a prospective Franchisee should expect from their chosen Franchisor; ingredients that are paramount in a franchise relationship. Puddle Ducks are proud to tick every one of these boxes, giving you the reassurance you need that this is a Franchisor that acts for the good of their network. For all the specific features and benefits offered by Puddle Ducks Franchising, read all about Why Puddle Ducks?

  • Access

    Running your own business can be lonely and an open channel of communication is essential. Check you will have direct access to the senior management team as and when you need it.

  • Planning

    Success really is in the planning and your Franchisor should offer to work with you to create your business plan, providing templates and consultancy. Think of them as a non-executive director.

  • Communication

    Regular communication from your Franchisor is key. Updates on new initiatives, tools, programmes and any changes or upgrades, either via email, forums or newsletters show the Franchisor is open and collaborative and should be viewed positively.

  • Meetings

    Nothing beats face-to-face. Find out how many times you will physically be in front of the senior management team either with the whole network, in smaller working groups, regionally or one-to-one. The opportunity to share new ideas and experiences with colleagues who understand and can empathise is invaluable.

  • Rewards

    Victories, effort, innovation and contribution should be recognised, both within the network and in the wider franchise industry. Rewards and recognition are so important, not just because it is the right thing to do but also because in a network of business owners, competition is usually alive and well and never hurt anyone ;-)

  • Support

    The personal touch is very important but must go hand in hand with essential operational support provided by the Franchisor. Puddle Ducks are rightly proud of their support structure - read more about what we offer here.

  • Marketing

    At the very least, collateral, tools, systems and plans should be available to Franchisees but more than this, find out about what is offered centrally i.e. marketing programmes and initiatives that a Franchisee can buy into and are run by Head Office. Taking some of the leg work away from the Franchisees and benefiting from the buying power of being in a network are no-brainers!

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