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Redhill House is a boutique hotel not far from Bristol Airport, and its lovely, warm pool is a fantastic venue for baby and pre-school swimming, with free on-site parking.



Address: Redhill, North Somerset BS40 5TD (near Bristol International Airport)

Parking: There is ample parking immediately outside of the venue.

Please read this COVID-19 Pool Information Document for Redhill House as some of the information below is superseded by what is in this document.

Essential information:

  • When you arrive, the gates should be open but if not just press the intercom and the hotel receptionist will open the electronic gates.
  • Please park in the lower car park if you can, then take the steps (or the slope) down to the pool building.
  • There is limited space for pushchairs and car seats so please don’t bring them inside the pool building.  Thank you.
  • There are no nappy bins at this venue so please take your nappy home with you.
  • No food is permitted on the poolside or in the changing rooms, please save your child’s snack until after you have left the pool.


  • You and your child should arrive swim-ready at the venue, i.e. with your swimming costume/trunks/swim nappy on underneath your clothes. You will be asked to change poolside and changing areas may be unisex.
  • Please bring only the essentials (keeping valuables to a minimum) and one waterproof bag to put everything in. If you have a baby, please bring a changing mat for them that can be rolled up and placed in your bag, especially those of you who would normally use a changing table or a bench. Under no circumstances must the sun loungers be used to change your child.
  • Showers will be available and are encouraged before your lesson.
  • Please leave your bag neatly to one side when you’re ready for class, ready to collect post-swim.
  • After the lesson, most customers will change on poolside, although there is a small built-in changing room that can be used for a maximum of two customers. A quick change is encouraged.


  • One spectator allowed per child (in addition to the adult in the pool).
  • If you require assistance due to a disability (either your own disability or your child’s), then you are able to bring a spectator to any class, to help as necessary.


  • Baby and Pre-School: a well-fitting neoprene swim nappy must be worn with a disposable swim nappy or an environmentally friendly Nappy Wrap & Liner underneath, if your child is not yet fully potty/toilet trained. We recommend one of our great value Baby Swimming Kits, which contain the swim lesson essentials at a fantastic price.
  • Our online shop stocks a fantastic kids swimwear collection plus super useful bags, towels, changing mats and much, much more!

Exclusivity: Puddle Ducks has exclusive use of the pool.

Technical information:

  • Pool temperature: 30°C.
  • Poolside assistant: There is a Puddle Ducks Poolside Assistant at this venue.
  • Depth:  1m to 2.1m

Any other queries?

You can find lots of additional useful information about attending our swim classes on our FAQs page.

Helping you to make your special time last even longer…that’s the Puddle Ducks’ difference

It’s definitely worth popping into Cadbury Garden Centre.  There is so much to see!  Not only do they have a great soft play area and a pet shop, there’s also a Pirate Adventure Golf course! (Smallway, Congresbury BS49 5AA)



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