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Meet the Team

Our Team

  • Ellie



    Ellie started her Puddle Ducks journey over 13 years ago when she took her daughter to classes when she was just four weeks old! She fell in love with the values and ethos of the company and the classes became the families highlight of the week. Since 2013, Ellie has trained in Baby and Pre-school, Swim Academy and Aquanatal! Ellie absolutely loves running the franchise and being able to offer our award winning classes to families in the local area. 

    Favourite song - Jelly on a Plate or Motorboats

    Favourite activity - Surface Diving

  • Rebecca


    Senior Teacher

    Rebecca teaches Baby & Pre-School and Aquanatal. Her favourite thing about working for Puddle Ducks is that it is so fun and every lesson is so different. 

    Favourite song - Pop Goes the Weasel 

    Favourite activity - Cowboy Rides

  • Jamie


    Baby & Pre-School Teacher

    Jamie teaches Baby & Pre-School at Cambridge Country Club. He loves seeing the progression from when children first start their swimming lessons with Puddle Ducks to where they are now. 

    Favourite song - Wheels on the Bus

    Favourite activity - Swims with Parents

  • Leah


    Baby & Pre-School Teacher

    Leah is one of our Baby & Pre-School teachers, she loves seeing how much fun the children have during lessons and watching them progress.

    Favourite song - Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

    Favourite activity - Aeroplanes

  • Kirsty


    Baby & Pre-School Teacher

    Kirsty teaches Baby & Pre-School at the Cambridge Country Club. Her favourite thing about working for Puddle Ducks is seeing the progression of her pupils and watching them grow. 

    Favourite song - 3 Little Men in a Flying Saucer

    Favourite activity - Surface Swims

  • Kate

    Poolside Assistant

    Kate is our Poolside Assistant at Cambridge Country Club. She loves seeing both the children's and parents confidence grow. 

    Favourite food - Rice

    Fun fact - Kate is a Latin and Ballroom Dancer!

  • Lottie


    Poolside Assistant

    Lottie is our Poolside Assistant at Nuoto Pool, Wyton. She loves seeing the children grow in confidence when in the water.

    Favourite food - Roast Dinner

    Fun fact - Lottie was a Cambridge County Champion for 50m Butterfly!

  • Collette


    Customer Care

    Collette is part of our friendly office team. She loves getting to know all of our families and hearing about how much they love the bonding time during our lessons. 

    Favourite food - Chocolate or Pizza

    Fun fact - Collette is also a qualified Makeup Artist!

  • Jemma


    Customer Care

    Jemma is part of our friendly office team. She loves working with the families and hearing all the wonderful feedback.

    Favourite food - Ice Cream

    Fun fact - Jemma is a Puddle Ducks Baby & Pre-School and Swim Academy teacher too!