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Meet Our Team

  • Emma Nicol

    Emma Nicol


    Not only does Emma own and run Puddle Ducks Cherwell & Aylesbury Vale, she can also be found teaching Baby & Pre-school and Swim Academy. Emma can be occasionally found teaching Aqua Natal classes too!

    Emma believes swimming is a vital life skill and gets a buzz from the children's achievements!

  • Hannah Tubbs

    Hannah Tubbs

    Head of Teaching

    Hannah is our Head of Teaching and teaches Aqua Natal, Baby & Pre-school, Swim Academy and Elite Swim Academy! As Head of Teaching, Hannah oversees the teaching team, ensuring standards are maintained at the highest level. She is also a Programme Assessor for the National Puddle Ducks team, which means she can sign off new teachers once they are ready to become fully fledged teachers with us, not just in our area but across the country.

    Hannah loves being in the water and in her down time can be found listening to music and enjoying her favourite snacks!

  • Rhyannon Marshall

    Rhyannon Marshall

    Senior Teacher Baby & Preschool & Swim Academy teacher & Marketing assistant

    Rhyannon is a Baby and Pre-school and Swim Academy teacher and she enjoys building relationships with the parents and children that she teaches. Rhyannon loves seeing the children learning news skills and growing in confidence. Watching a child achieve a new skill fills her with pride and puts a big smile on her face.

    Rhyannon is one of our Senior Teachers, she assists our Head of Teaching to help keep documents up to date and help with mentoring other teachers. 

    Rhyannon does the marketing work for us so is responsible for keeping you up to date on information through social media. She really enjoys the creative side of things.

    In her spare time Rhyannon enjoys spending time with her family and having fun with her two little boys.

  • Adrianne Heasley

    Adrianne Heasley

    Office Administrator & Teacher

    Adrianne is our Office Administrator and is also a qualified Baby & Pre School Teacher and Swim Academy teacher.

    Adrianne is the 'go-to' person whether you are looking to book your little one into lessons or whether you need some advice on what to bring! She can also be found occasionally teaching some of our Baby & Pre-school lessons.

    Adrianne loves 'Lush' bath bombs, any flavour - we just hope she doesn't bring them to the pool with her!!!!

  • Roxy Wilkins

    Roxy Wilkins

    Swim Academy and Baby & Preschool teacher

    Roxy is teaches both our Swim Academy and Baby & Pre School classes and is loving watching children improve in ability and confidence in their swimming lessons. 

    In her spare time Roxy enjoys baking, going for walks, playing with her kids outside, and of course swimming!

  • Laura Eastwood

    Laura Eastwood

    Senior teacher, Baby & Preschool teacher

    Laura is one of our lovely Baby & Pre School teachers. She loves seeing the children (and parents) enjoy their swimming lessons and becoming safe and confident in the water! 

    Laura is one of our Senior Teachers, she assists our Head of Teaching to help keep documents up to date and help with mentoring other teachers.

    Laura is a Mum of 3 children and 3 pets! Laura loves reading, watching movies and playing board games with her kids. She enjoys going out to visit cafe or two and enjoying a cake... or two! When Laura is not working at the pool she can be found out in the fresh air walking dogs. 


  • April Denning

    April Denning

    Baby and Pre School teacher

    April is so excited to be teaching her favourite thing in the world. She is one of our newest teachers and is really enjoying getting to know the children and parents now she has her own classes!

    April is happiest in the water, she has always wanted to be a mermaid! Her favourite hour of the day is when I can sit with a cheesecake watching any sort of medical show- 'Ambulance: code red' being one of her favourites!

    If she's not in the water or watching medical programmes, she is with her 2 girls at the swings; they love to explore new parks.


  • Kelly Watson

    Kelly Watson

    Poolside assistant

    Kelly loves watching the children have lots of fun and progressing all while learning such an incredible skill!

    To start the day, you will find Kelly doing an early gym session. She also loves listening to music and spending time with her children! In her spare time she loves learning, designing and cooking.

  • Rebecca Brooks

    Rebecca Brooks

    Baby & Pre-school teacher

    Rebecca is one of our newest Baby & Preschool teachers and she is doing amazingly, delivering lovely lessons on a Saturday at Reflexions and MS Centre! 

    Rebecca says she really enjoys teaching the Baby and Preschool lessons and that even though she is new she can already see what a rewarding job it is. She loves seeing how much fun the children are having at the same time as progressing their swimming skills. 

    In her spare time she loves being with and making memories with her two boys.