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  • Emma Nicol

    Emma Nicol


    Not only does Emma own and run Puddle Ducks Cherwell & Aylesbury Vale, she can also be found teaching Baby & Pre-school and Swim Academy. Emma can be occasionally found teaching Aqua Natal classes too!

    Emma believes swimming is a vital life skill and gets a buzz from the children's achievements!

  • Hannah Tubbs

    Hannah Tubbs

    Head of Teaching

    Hannah is our Head of Teaching and teaches Aqua Natal, Baby & Pre-school, Swim Academy and Elite Swim Academy! As Head of Teaching, Hannah oversees the teaching team, ensuring standards are maintained at the highest level. She is also a Programme Assessor for the National Puddle Ducks team, which means she can sign off new teachers once they are ready to become fully fledged teachers with us, not just in our area but across the country.

    Hannah loves being in the water and in her down time can be found listening to music and enjoying her favourite snacks!

  • Monique Dickerson

    Monique Dickerson

    Senior Teacher

    Monique is our Senior Teacher and teaches Baby & Pre-school along with our Swim Academy and Elite Swim Academy classes.

    As a Senior Teacher, Monique provides training and mentoring to the teaching team on a regular basis for both new and existing teachers.

    Monique has always loved working with children and in her down time she enjoys baking and the odd glass of wine ;)

  • Amanda Cottle

    Amanda Cottle


    Amanda teaches Baby & Pre-school, Swim Academy and also supports other teachers as a Poolside Assistant.

    Amanda loves to spend time with her family and getting creative in the kitchen!

  • Adrianne Heasley

    Adrianne Heasley

    Office Administrator & Teacher

    Adrianne is our Office Administrator and also teaches Baby & Pre-school.

    Adrianne is the 'go-to' person whether you are looking to book your little one into lessons or whether you need some advice on what to bring! She can also be found teaching some of our Baby & Pre-school lessons.

    Adrianne loves 'Lush' bath bombs, any flavour - we just hope she doesn't bring them to the pool with her!!!!

  • Nicola Saunderson

    Nicola Saunderson

    Swim Academy Teacher

    Nicola is one of our Swim Academy Teachers and can mainly be found at our lessons in Buckingham and Wendover!

    She a keen swimmer and loves to share her knowledge and enjoyment of the water with the children she teaches. In her non swimming life she is also an accomplished Artist and displays her works around Buckinghamshire.

  • Tammy-Lee Marques

    Tammy-Lee Marques

    Baby & Pre School Teacher

    Tammy teaches Baby & Pre-school classes  and is currently training to teach our Swim Academy classes too. So you will more than likely come across her at some point!

    She loves being in the water and having fun in lessons with the little ones and their grown ups! Outside of lessons she spends time with her own little one, friends and family, enjoying playing outside (and also in the swimming pool!).

  • Rhyannon Marshall

    Rhyannon Marshall

    Marketing Assitant & Trainee Baby & Pre-school Teacher

    Rhyannon does the marketing work for us so is responsible for keeping you up to date on information through social media. She really enjoys the creative side of things.

    Rhyannon is also currently training to be a Baby & Pre-school teacher, so you will see her in classes all over the place at the moment. Rhyannon really enjoys working with children and is looking forward to teaching her own classes.

    In her spare time Rhyannon enjoys spending time with her family and having fun with her little boy.