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Meet our Chester and Wirral Puddle Ducks Team.....

  • Jay


    "The Boss"

    I am the very proud owner of the Puddle Ducks franchise for Chester, Wirral and North Wales.  I absolutely love being in the water and meeting all our gorgeous little Puddle Ducks! 

    Swimming has always been a huge part of my life.  At a young age, I held the Welsh record for 50 meters Butterfly which took a bit of going- with my little legs going like the clappers!

    Nowadays my focus is making sure all our Puddle Ducks and parents get the best start to their aquatic journey.  Whether it be your special time for aqua natal exercise before birth, precious skin to skin bonding after birth, learning essential survival skills, or developing beautiful stroke technique with our Swim Academy for school aged children, we are here to meet all your needs.

    I have recently taken over the swimming school from Kerry Parr (the previous owner of Puddle Ducks Chester and Wirral)  Kerry has done a tremendous job over the last 8 years establishing such a fantastic team.  We wish her all the best for the future and her retirement!

    Come September, I look forward to meeting all our wonderful customers and making your water experience with us top class from start to finish!

  • Gemma


    Office Manager and Finance Guru

    Gemma not only runs our office, but also manages all of our finances. She is a qualified accountant, and there isn’t much that gets past her eagle eyes.

    Her two children, swim in our Swim Academy classes, so she also knows how important customer service is to everyone who chooses to swim with us.

    Gemma always has a sneaky stash of chocolate in the office (it’s can be her staple diet some days), and there isn’t a great deal she doesn’t know about Facebook. She is also a very talented seamstress, and her finest hour is making a Santa Hat for our very own Puddle The Duck (she may not agree with that, as she can actually make proper clothes).

  • Madeline


    Customer Service Expert and Chief Office Brew Maker

    Madeline has been part of our office team for almost 4 years. She has been a Puddle Ducks mum for over 10 years, with her youngest child still swimming in our Swim Academy classes.

    As a customer of Puddle Ducks herself, she knows all about what our customers should expect, and therefore does her utmost to deliver the best service she can. There isn't a great deal she doesn't know about Puddle Ducks, so hopefully she will give you all the help you need when you speak to her.

    Madeline is a brilliant brew maker and away from work, beside from looking after her two children, she spends her time walking her mad dog and standing in a horses field.

  • Kate


    Customer Service in the office

    Kate is the newest member of our office team, and already has the Puddle Duck bug!

    Her two children have just started their Puddle Ducks journey, and making huge leaps in their swimming ability. Kate has a background in corporate buying so has a wealth of experience in customer service and building relationships.

    Officially the tidiest person in the office, Kate's desk puts everyone else to shame!


  • Jen


    A Bit of Everything (Teacher, Customer Service, Marketing, Practical Joker)

    Jen is Puddle Ducks through and through. She’s been a teacher for over 9 years, she works in our office, you will see her at marketing events and even helps to train and develop our teachers.

    Her two children have also learnt to swim with Puddle Ducks, so she knows what parents expect from our customer service.

    Jen is officially the biggest practical joker of the team. She is brilliant at impressions, and there isn’t one team member who hasn’t been on the receiving end of one of her wind ups. She is also obsessed with Supermarkets, so if she’s not at work, you’re likely to find her in Sainsburys.

  • Catherine


    Teacher: Wirral and Chester area, Aquanatal, Pre-School and Swim Academy (phew!)

    Catherine has been a Puddle Ducks teacher for over 6 years. She also heads up our teaching team, so there isn’t a great deal she doesn’t know about our programme.

    She teaches all levels in Puddle Ducks, from Aquanatal classes, Baby and Pre-school, Swim Academy and Elite Swim Academy programmes, even helps to train and develop our teachers.

    Her three children have all learnt to swim with Puddle Ducks, so she knows the joy (and sometimes challenge) of watching small children learn.

    Out of work, Catherine always has immaculate funky nails, does Zumba Classes to keep fit, but most importantly spends time with her family having fun and enjoying their time together.

  • Helen


    Teacher: Wirral and Chester area, both Pre-School and Swim Academy

    Helen is our longest serving teacher, with over 7 years experience. Not only that, she’s been teaching children swimming since she was 16 years old. So there’s not a great deal she doesn’t know about teaching children to swim, and that certainly comes across in her classes and the feedback we receive from her customers. Helen also uses this experience to help train and develop our teachers.

    Helen’s daughter swims in our Pre-School classes, and is already shaping up to be as talented a swimmer as her mummy.

    Away from work, Helen is a keen hockey player and also slightly obsessed with Disney. Her last few holidays have all been to Disneyworld, so you are very welcome to take the “mickey” out of her when you next see her!

  • Donna


    Teacher: Chester area, Pre-School and Swim Academy

    Donna has been teaching for Puddle Ducks for almost five years. Both of her sons started swimming with us as babies (and they still swim every week in our Swim Academy classes) which inspired her to become a teacher.

    Her lessons are fun, fun, fun, we guarantee you will leave with a smile on your face. But there is also a very serious side to Donna who is dedicated to getting the most from your child by developing a great rapport and trusting relationship with them. Donna also helps to train and develop our teachers

    Outside of work, Donna is possibly our coolest teacher. She went to Glastonbury and Las Vegas last year! She loves travelling, socialising, shopping, and of course, spending time with her two little monkeys (sons that is)

  • Caroline


    Teacher: Chester and Ellesmere Port area, Pre-School and Swim Academy

    Caroline has been a Puddle Ducks teacher for over 6 years, having always worked with children throughout her career.

    She is very passionate about each and every child she teaches progressing in their classes, and she has taught so many children who have gone to be amazing swimmers and love the water.

    Away from work, Caroline is a demon on the dance floor! She is a brilliant Salsa dancer. She also enjoys making Jam and Chutney, which she then sells to raise money for charity.

  • Sarah Bell

    Sarah Bell

    Teacher: Wirral and Chester area, Pre-School and Swim Academy

    Sarah is possibly our most enthusiastic member of staff, she absolutely loves Puddle Ducks. From bring her 6 week old daughter to our classes, followed by her twins, she has developed a bit of an obsession.

    She is a Baby and pre-school teacher, as well as a Swim Academy, and her passion and enthusiasm in the water is just infectious. She also loves spreading the Puddle Ducks word, so you’re likely to see her out and about at events.

    Out of work, when she’s not juggling her three young children (not literally of course), she enjoys going on family holidays in their caravan, eating lovely tasty food and listening to music.

  • Kelly


    Teacher: Chester area for Pre-School

    Kelly started teaching for us after starting classes with her baby son when he was just a few weeks old. Having always worked with children as a nursery nurse, this was the natural choice to be able to balance family life with a job that she loved.

    Her classes are lively and fun, but behind this, Kelly is extremely diligent about understanding the progressions for each individual child to ensure they learn confidence in the water as quickly as possible.

    Outside of work, Kelly looks after her two children (and her husband), with family time being the most important thing to her. But she also loves shopping, eating, running and holidays - especially camping. And she is a soap opera addict!

  • Paula


    Teacher: Chester and Wirral areas

    Paula discovered the wonderful world of Puddle Ducks when her daughter was just 8 weeks old. She joined our South Cheshire franchise firstly as a Poolside Assistant, and then trained to be a teacher. We were lucky to have her transfer to our Chester and Wirral team in 2017.

    She now swims in our classes with her three children each week (with the addition of her twin boys) as well teaching them, so there isn't a lot she hasn't experienced within Puddle Ducks.

    With three children under the age of four, Paula doesn't get much time for anything else, although she does have an obsession with skiing, having worked in ski resorts before children. She therefore loves being "on the piste".

  • Nicky


    Teacher: Wirral area for Pre-School classes

    Our lovely Nicky has been a Puddle Ducks teacher for over 5 years, having been a Secondary School teacher before that. Customer service is at the heart of everything Nicky does, and often goes over and above the call of duty to look after the children she teaches, to ensure their happiness and development in our classes.

    She is a calm and gently lady, who gains the childrens and parents trust instantaneously.

    Out of work, Nicky enjoys socialising with friends, usually involving food and drink. She also keep fit by walking, Zumba and Congo!

  • Michelle


    Baby and Pre-School Classes Wirral

    The warm and bubbly Michelle is a passionate Puddle Ducks mummy, with both her children swimming in our classes from small babies. She has wanted to be a Puddle Ducks teacher from even before her first child was born, and is now delighted to have realised that dream.

    Having been a secondary school maths teachers, she has swapped teenagers for babies and pre-schoolers. She loves educating children, and finds nothing more satisfying than the moment that lightbulb switches on and the children "gets it".

    Out of work, she is a keen dancer and loves a bit of karaoke (when she has time that is, with her young family)  

  • Roshene


    Baby and Pre-School Teacher/Poolside Assistant at Mercure Abbots Well Hotel Weekday classes and Teacher

    Roshene is a Puddle Ducks mum through and through. All three of her children have learnt to swim from young babies, and still swim in our Pre-School and Swim Academy programmes now.

    Roshene is originally from South Africa, so enjoys the adventures of travelling. She is also a dab hand at baking, and as all of team (it's a common theme) she enjoys socialising with friends over food and wine)

  • Georgia


    Poolside Assistant at Stanley School Weekend classes

    Georgia has been part of our team for a couple of years now, ensuring a cheerful and happy welcome to the pool on a Saturday morning. Our customers love Georgia’s kind and gentle nature with the children who swim at Stanley School.

    Georgia has just finished her Physiotherapy degree with a first class honours. When she’s not doing physio or at the pool, she is always keeping busy, active and fit.

  • Lucy


    Poolside Assistant at Foxfield School Sunday classes

    Lucy is our youngest team member, greeting our customers at Foxfield School on a Sunday morning with a bright smile and a cheerful mood.

    She is currently studying for her A’Levels at High School.

    Lucy also works in a hairdressers, so you can ask her any style tips. And for a bit of trivia, she is Sarah Bells cousin – small world.