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When Harry got knocked over by a wave...

Playing in the pool or at the beach is one of the great joys for our little one’s when on holiday, our Puddle Ducks learn every week about life preserving skills along with a love of water to help build those holiday memories safely. We wanted to share a story about Harry, a Little Dipper who recently went on a family holiday…


The many rules written about water safety come down to the same important guideline: Kids should always be supervised in and around water, no matter what their swimming skill levels, something Harry and his Grandad know well. On holiday whilst Little Dipper Harry was playing at the edge of the sea with his grandad, a big wave came and knocked them both over. 

Harry fell under the wave with the water going over him. He didn’t panic, and he just got straight back up and didn’t even cry, even though you could tell it had shocked him and took his breath away. To say Grandad and Mummy were proud of Harry’s reaction to what was a scary moment is an understatement.

Harry’s mum said “I believe that the lessons he has with Rebecca at Puddle Ducks, especially when they do the Pyjama week swimming, has ingrained into his brain not to panic and stay calm and get up, which he did. Thank you Rebecca for teaching Harry to stay calm and brave, especially in the sea!"

When heading on your holiday we have a few Beach Safety tips…

Always remember unlike the calm waters in the swimming pool, the beach has different dangers like currents and tides. Check with the lifeguard when you arrive to find out about the water conditions.

Even sat the waters edge your little one will need a parent or adult on hand in case an unexpected wave makes its way towards them.

Do not allow kids to swim in large waves or undertows. If they are caught in one, they should swim parallel to the shore or should tread water and call a lifeguard for help.



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