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Winter Swimming Tips

Don't be put off by the cold weather!

Doing exercise during the cold weather is really helpful for your body and mind. It’s easy to stay in the warm house while it’s frosty outdoors, but getting into a warm pool can be lovely, and exercise of any sort can help boost your immune system.

The below tips for swimming during the winter months will help make your Puddle Ducks lessons easier and less stressful!

  • Making sure your little ones are completely dry after being in the pool is vital. Ensure you take a big fluffy towel to your lessons to get rid of any dampness. Why not take a look at our personalised towels!
  • As well as dryness on the outside of the body, making sure the ear canal isn’t wet is also very important. Ear infections aren’t pleasant and they don’t just cause earache. The infection can lead to a high temperature, irritability, poor feeding and restlessness at night-time. You can dry the ear canal by gently tipping the head to one side and then the other to allow natural drainage.
  • Whilst having wet hair in the outside won’t give you a cold, it isn’t a very nice feeling, so it’s important you bring a hat, along with warm clothing for when you leave the pool after your lesson. Always make sure you’ve dried the hair as best you can.
  • To keep older children warm and cosy post swim, try one of our hoodies.
  • If you go on holiday during winter and there’s the opportunity to go swimming, make sure your little one is always safe and happy in the water.

We asked some of the parents in our 'Puddle's Huddle' Chat Group on facebook for their hints and tips too....


  • Take a onesie or nice fluffy towel!

    "I always take a onesie with us, perfect for putting on at the end of the lesson, nice and cosy" Caroline 

    "When getting my stuff sorted after a swim, I always wrap him in his towel, when stripped off and put our spare blanket over him. This keeps him lovely and warm while I can get clothes sorted etc" Coral 

    "Always put my little one in a towelling dress as soon as we get to the changing room, then a warm fluffy onesie when dry to keep her warm, whilst I sort everything out and get changed" Katie 

  • Snacks, drinks and entertainment!

    "Snacks, drinks, onesie and something to keep them entertained - toys or tablet! I've even used hot water bottles in my bag if it's been really cold." Estelle

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