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  • Pyjama Week

    Pyjama Week

    We will hold our termly pyjama week at most pools during 21st-27th May, however there are some exceptions...

    Please check to see when you need to bring your PJ's to class here.

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  • Maternal Mental Health Matters

    Maternal Mental Health Matters

    Mental Health Awareness Week takes place this week April 30 – May 6 2018

    Between 15-20 per cent of women will experience a mental health illness during or after pregnancy and one in ten dads suffer from post-natal depression too. Any level of mental illness can have a huge impact on families...

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  • It's Pyjama Week!

    It's Pyjama Week!

    Puddle Ducks Pyjama Week teaches invaluable personal survival skills as well as being lots of fun!

    Three times a year, we encourage all of our babies, children and their parents to swim with their pyjamas on to experience what it would feel like to fall in to water fully clothed.

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  • NCT Pop Tots!

    NCT Pop Tots!

    As branch sponsor of the NCT Doncaster, we thought you'd like to hear about their new Pop Tots classes!

    If you and your little one like singing and dancing, stories and sensory pop along...

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  • Charity Pyjama Week

    Charity Pyjama Week

    Don't forget to bring your PJ's to class during 16th-22nd October!

    We will be holding our charity Pyjama week, teaching invaluable personal survival skills and raising money for Team Verrico.

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