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  • 10 ways to have more fun at bath time

    10 ways to have more fun at bath time

    As we approach our summer pyjama week, here are some activities that you can do with your child to make bath time even more enjoyable!

    The bath is a great place to help babies and children get used to the feeling of water and it is a great place to practice the activities that you learn at Puddle Ducks!

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  • Maternal Mental Health Matters

    Maternal Mental Health Matters

    Mental Health Awareness Week takes place this week April 30 – May 6 2018

    Between 15-20 per cent of women will experience a mental health illness during or after pregnancy and one in ten dads suffer from post-natal depression too. Any level of mental illness can have a huge impact on families...

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  • Courtesy Classes

    Courtesy Classes

    Here is a quick summary of the recent changes surrounding catch up classes...

    Catch ups are now called “Courtesy classes”. A ‘Courtesy Class’ is an alternative lesson to your normal lesson on a different day or time or at a different pool, subject to availability.

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  • Swimmers of the term - Spring 2018

    Swimmers of the term - Spring 2018

    We are delighted to announce our swimmers of the term!

    Whether your little ones have reached personal milestones or simply come along to the class each week with a smile on their face and showed a lot of enthusiasm, they could be nominated to be our swimmer of the term...

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  • It's Pyjama Week!

    It's Pyjama Week!

    Puddle Ducks Pyjama Week teaches invaluable personal survival skills as well as being lots of fun!

    Three times a year, we encourage all of our babies, children and their parents to swim with their pyjamas on to experience what it would feel like to fall in to water fully clothed.

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  • How can you help keep our pools clean and healthy?

    How can you help keep our pools clean and healthy?

    Chlorine is used in all of our pools to keep them free of nasty bacteria that can be hazardous to you and your little one.

    It's important to shower before entering the pool as when chlorine mixes with other substances, such as make-up, body lotions, bodily fluids etc it forms by-products which float above the surface and can be inhaled...

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