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Meet our Doncaster and South Humberside Puddle Ducks Team...

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  • Nicola Codd

    Nicola Codd

    Franchise Owner

    I launched Puddle Ducks baby and pre school swimming classes in Doncaster and South Humberside in 2014 and since then I have had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of babies and children. 

    I really do believe that there is no greater skill you can teach your child. I began taking my son Chester to swimming classes when he was five months old and I saw the benefits to both myself and him. His confidence grew and I adored being in the water with him, watching his skills develop. I'm now expecting my third baby and can't wait to introduce them to the pool. 

    As well as teaching valuable water safety skills, our classes are fun too and I love seeing your little ones progress.  



  • Tina Cawood

    Tina Cawood

    Office Manager

    I joined Puddle Ducks as a customer when my little boy was 5 months old (he is 2 and a half years now) and loved the classes and the whole ethos of Puddle Ducks, especially how they teach babies/children such an important life skill. When an opportunity came up to work for Puddle Ducks I immediately jumped at the chance to join the team.

    My role as the Office Manager is mainly focused on customer service, dealing with new enquiries, bookings, queries and above all ensuring our customers are getting the best experience from swimming with Puddle Ducks!

    When not working I enjoy spending time with my two favourite boys (My husband and son) and our two dogs, as well as socialising with family and friends - with an occasional glass of prosecco thrown in for good measure!!

  • Sarah Priestley

    Sarah Priestley


    I joined Puddle Ducks as a Poolside Assistant in October 2016, but decided to take the 'plunge' and train to become a teacher. I qualified and began teaching classes at Heatherwood School, DW Fitness Selby and Aegir School in 2018 and I love it! The best part of my job is seeing the children I teach gain confidence in the water and progress to safe and happy swimmers. 

    A mum of two myself, the whole family love swimming and generally having fun in the water. We love to spend time at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park and being outdoors - I have three dogs (and five tortoises!).  I also love gardening when I have the time. 



  • Madi Mace

    Madi Mace


    I started training with Puddle Ducks Doncaster in February 2018, having spent the last ten years working for a large retail bank. I became a qualified swimming teacher in June 2018 and currently teach at Epworth Pool. 

    The best bit about being a Puddle Ducks teacher is watching the children progress week on week. A very different career to banking, as I can see that I am really making a difference by teaching children a real life skill! 

    I have two children, aged two and one - being a mother and a Puddle Ducks customer myself, I can appreciate how hard it is to just get out of the door, never mind to a swimming lesson! But it is always the highlight of our week and it is great to see lots of other families enjoying it too. In my spare time I like to be in the garden - I grow lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and the kids help me too, so it's very rewarding! 

  • Emily Hembry

    Emily Hembry


    I joined Puddle Ducks as a Teacher in September 2018, after bringing both of my sons to their classes for the last three years - since they were 12 weeks old. They absolutely loved their classes and so did I! 

    I teach Swim Academy classes at Willow Lodge, Bubwith and Oak House, Tickhill. 

    Prior to joining Puddle Ducks, I was a driving instructor, however swimming has always been a big part of my life and I have taught children to swim for most of my adult life. 

    Apart from loving being in the water and swimming in general, the best bit is seeing the enjoyment children get out of swimming, as well as learning a valuable life skill. There is no better job satisfaction than seeing a child who may be nervous in the water, progress to swimming independently.

    I am a mum of two boys aged 1 and 3, so pretty much all of my time is spent with them. I love to go to new places and do lots of activities with them. I've always loved to swim, including swimming competitively in open water, so working for Puddle Ducks is my perfect job! 


  • Clair Tingley

    Clair Tingley


    I started teaching Baby & Preschool classes in June 2018 at Owston Hall Hotel, DW Fitness Selby, Willow Lodge - Bubwith and Oak House - Tickhill. 

    Puddle Ducks is part of a new life here in Yorkshire. I moved here with my husband and two children following my husbands work and somehow found the best job ever for myself!

    Previously I was a school business Manager, where I looked after all aspects of school life except (ironically) teaching! We live in a small village, surrouned by farms, with Grandad and our scatty dog Beanie. 

    I love so many aspects of my job, but my favourite is seeing the children's faces - I love the smiles and giggles! 

    Outside of work I love to read and dance and I also have a performing arts diploma. I've spent many happy days in theatre and operatic productions. 


  • Gill Dove

    Gill Dove


    I joined Puddle Ducks in September 2018 and worked as Poolside Assistant at Marshchapel and Signhills, before qualifying to be a teacher in December 2018. 

    Prior to this I worked in fashion and clothing design from leaving university at 21, so quite a change! The best thing about it is that it doesn't feel like a job, it's so much fun. 

    We have just moved back to the Cleethorpes area where I grew up, to give my young children a more outdoor lifestyle. Having been a keen swimmer as a child/teenager it is great to come back to something which gave me so much pleasure as a youngster. 

    I have two children who have both taken part in Baby & Pre school lessons, and this is how I started my journey in becoming a teacher. I’ve always loved the water and I’m fascinated by the way it can help heal, encourage learning, promote physical ability and help support parent and baby bonding.

  • Rachael Jennings

    Rachael Jennings


    I joined Puddle Ducks as a  baby and pre school swimming teacher in May 2019. I'm a trained Primary Teacher, Early Years Professional and Trained actress, plus I have taught baby and toddler massage -  I adore working with babies and children! Puddle Ducks combines everything I love doing! Focussing my time on the little ones and their parents - teaching them a life saving skill is beyond an honour. I love being part of the Puddle Ducks Team.

    I am Mummy myself to Nell, who has been swimming with Puddle Ducks since she was 3 weeks old. Outside of the pool, we love being out in nature - I regularly walk rescue greyhounds in Doncaster. I also love going out for meals and learning Mandarin. 


  • Amy Smith

    Amy Smith


    I have taught at Epworth Swimming pool since June 2019. Each programme within Puddle Ducks is a pleasure to teach for very different reasons. Being baby’s first swimming teacher and nurturing the bond between parent and baby in Floaties is precious, but supporting these children through to reaching their independent swims in Dippers is just joyful and so rewarding for the swimmer, as well as the parent and teacher. I feel so proud to call this my job and can’t wait to see our Puddle Ducks becoming beautiful, confident swimmers.

    Taking my little girl, Iris, swimming when she was a baby was the highlight of my week and I call the mummies I met along the way my best friends. I love the arts, food, dance, theatre, cats, cheese, curry and ultimately doing the everyday things - being with my family and friends, enjoying day trips and watching too much TV!

  • Carol Dawson

    Carol Dawson


    I joined Puddle Ducks Doncaster as Poolside Assistant at Willow Lodge in Bubwith in June 2018. 

    Prior to this I was a Deputy Manager at a local pre-school, so i've lots of experience working with children. I am mum to two girls aged four and two. 

    The best bit of my job is watching the children become confident in the water. 


  • Helen Stokes

    Helen Stokes

    Teacher - Swim Academy

  • Jo Cullen

    Jo Cullen

    Swim Academy and Baby & Pre-School Teacher

    Jo teaches Swim Academy at Willow Lodge, Bubwith. She is also training to be a baby and preschool teacher so you'll see more of her very soon!

  • Sarah Payne

    Sarah Payne


    Sarah teaches our classes at Treetops and Epworth Swimming Pool.

  • Heather Mooney

    Heather Mooney

    Baby & Pre-School Teacher

    Heather joins us from November 2020 at Rossington Hall. 

  • Ellie Priestley

    Ellie Priestley

    Poolside Assistant

    I joined Puddle Ducks as Poolside Assistant at Heatherwood School and Aegir Academy in January 2018. I do this alongside my college studies, where I am studying sport, science, health and social in order to be a physiotherapist. 

    The best part of the job for me is watching children progress to being confident swimmers. 

    I love swimming. I think it is a vital skill for all children to have.

    Outside of work I also enjoy spending time with our three dogs and five tortoises! 

  • Julie Turnbull

    Julie Turnbull

    Poolside Assistant

    You'll see Julie at Treetops.

  • Izzy Newson

    Izzy Newson

    Poolside Assistant

    You'll see Izzy at Signhills Academy.

  • Karen Melin

    Karen Melin

    Poolside Assistant

    You'll see Karen at Oasis Health Club and Signhills Academy

  • Lucy Sheard

    Lucy Sheard

    Poolside Assistant

    You'll see Lucy at Willow Lodge, Bubwith 

  • Lucie Windle

    Lucie Windle

    Poolside Assistant

    You'll see Lucie at Austerfield Private Pool

  • Joanne Schofield

    Joanne Schofield

    Poolside Assistant

    You'll see Joanne at Epworth Pool 

  • Oivia Boundy

    Oivia Boundy

    Poolside Assistant

    You'll see Oliva at Rossington Hall 

  • Jade Lynch

    Jade Lynch

    Poolside Assistant

    You'll see Jade at Hilltop School and Ravenfield Pool

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