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Ethan Graduates from the Puddle Ducks Programme

After 8 years of swimming with Puddle Ducks

We have another Graduate of our Swim Academy Program! Ethan was in one of the first groups of 'Floaties' Jane taught, after joining when Puddle Ducks Dorset was less than a year old at the old Lodge Hill Pool. Right from the first lesson it was obvious that Ethan was going to be a superstar in the water, and he proved us right as he moved through all of the levels at the earliest possible stage. Coming from a family of very confident swimmers, he took everything in his stride and has always demonstrated natural talent. He has even completed a Triathlon at St Michael's Middle School!

Jane said "I will never forget the first day he started in what was our Development class with me out of the water - he was the youngest by about 2 years and significantly smaller but he was totally unfazed. He's come far since that day and it's now a joy to watch his beautiful stroke and technique."

Anna said "Ethan is a natural in the water but he also works extremely hard. He listens to instructions and is always trying to improve. Not only does he have a beautiful stroke but I think he could out-swim most adults. His stamina and endurance is outstanding and I am always impressed with his distance swims. I am sad to see Ethan go and he will be missed in class but I wish him all the best for the future and hope he continues with his swimming."

Congratulations to Ethan, we are all so proud of you and we will miss you!

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