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Jane is our Star Teacher Spring 2023!

Our franchisee Jane was crowned Star Teacher Spring 2023!

Three times a year we ask our customers to choose their "Star Teacher", telling us in 150 words or less the reason why, and they never disappoint! We had over 50 nominations for our fantastic teachers, and every single one of them is read and treasured by our team.  

Our independent judge, Joelle: Infant Sleep Consultant, had the tricky job of choosing the winner from a list of anonymised nominations!

"I have been blown away reading through all the nominations for Star Teacher and to be honest, it has been really difficult to choose a winner! You are all an incredible team of teachers!  However this nomination stood out for me because it shows how having a teacher who is always smiling, puts you at ease and makes you feel special can build your confidence and passion."

"Lyra would like to nominate Jane, Jane is always smiley and makes Lyra feel at ease. Jane is genuinely happy to see Lyra at swimming and is always giving us great support and advice during the sessions. Lyra has taken a while to settle into her swimming and now she can't wait to get in the pool! We think Jane is the best teacher!"

from Nicole and Lyra B



About Joelle: Infant Sleep Consultant

I'm Joelle! I'm a Mum and a certified Infant Sleep Coach. I live on the Dorset/Hampshire border with my Husband and our two children.

I believe that getting the sleep we need is the source of emotional and physical well being. This goes for adults and infants alike. 

That's why when we work together we're not only aiming to get your little one some more sleep but you too. 

I will help take away any worries or anxieties you may have around sleep. I work by explaining the science of sleep to you whilst supporting you and your family with gentle sleep coaching methods that are age appropriate and tailored to suit your little one's personality and temperament.

Every child is individual and their sleep journey should be treated individually too. 

If you'd like to find out more information please schedule a complimentary sleep assessment call.

Joelle is currently offering 10% off all sleep packages for Puddle Ducks customers in our Rainbow Reward Scheme

Here are some of our favourites for the rest of the team...

  • Lisa is simply a fantastic teacher. Always happy, the delivery of guidance and instruction always clear and consistent. I’m sure like us all Lisa has off days, but in 2 years we’ve never seen one. And that’s why we always recommend Puddle Ducks to new parents and why we think Lisa should be crowned Star Teacher :) Thank you and hope she wins!

    Steven and Grace


  • Anna has been brilliant throughout Ava’s swimming journey and Ava really likes Anna and would only feel fully comfortable with Anna if someone filled in. So glad to see her back and back to her lovely bubbly swimming teacher ways! The children are so keen to show Anna their skills & Anna makes them feel so rewarded after with her full happiness for them succeeding.

    Louise and Ava

  • Liz is just amazing! Both my girls love her! She really easily adapts her tone and teaching style for each individual child’s needs. Orlas confidence has really grown recently because of this. Luna’s swimming journey started with Liz while she was completing her training and both have come on leaps and bounds together! 😊

    Kathy, Orla & Luna

  • Lydia has personalized, supported, adapted and responded to Thea’s needs and in doing so, has played an important role in developing her self-confidence in the water. Lydia has helped Thea believe she is good enough to be in the swimming group she is in. Thea absolutely loves Lydia to pieces.

    Stephanie and Thea

  • You're all such a great team, thank you Lydia, Jane and Liz for all you've done for Erika :-) Nominating Liz today for your infinite patience, always smiling and encouraging the children, you make it work :-) Thank you all!

    Guy and Erika

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