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LAURA is named our STAR TEACHER Summer 2019

We asked our independent judges; Sebrina, Eleanor and Carmen from Something New Magazine to choose their favourite of all the nominations that came in for our teachers this term... here's what they had to say!

"We at Something New Magazine had a wonderful time reading through all the truly amazing teacher award nominations. We can honestly say that this was such a hard choice.

The one that stood out for us was the following...

"Laura is amazing, both my children have had her as a teacher in the last year and her enthusiasm and encouragement have been brilliant. Laura has unending patience and always finds something to praise so both Isaac and Lucy have left feeling that they achieved something and that their teacher was proud of them! Laura has gone out of her way on several occasions to give Lucy the opportunity to achieve her distance award and has been the one to encourage her to get back in and try again even though she was upset. Lucy's swimming technique has developed beautifully and her enjoyment has been obvious. Laura has developed such a lovely bond with her and Lucy adores her and swimming in equal measures! Thank you, Laura!"
Fiona, Lucy’s Mum

This really touched a chord with us, the importance of teaching our little ones that we are not always perfect and to keep trying no matter what challenges they may face, and to support each child in building their resilience to flourish in life.
To encourage our children to have self-pride, determination and self-belief when they work hard at something.
To help them to recognise their own strengths, achievements and self-realisation and self-pride. Sometimes we all have to work hard at things to achieve and this starts from a very young age and is part of development. It takes a very special person to help children achieve what they set out to do in the first place even through tears, trial and error.
Supporting children with their goals and emotional well being is a whole holistic approach and shines through in this nomination. Well done to Laura, who seems to be inclusive of all and helps children reach their goals and milestones with a real passion and love for her job and to make a difference 😊

It has been our absolute pleasure to take part in these nominations and star teacher awards!"

A B O U T 

Something New is a free family magazine focused on sharing real-life stories, tips, advice and ideas for those with young children in Dorset. You can pick up a copy of the magazine in local cafes, libraries, Dr's surgeries, salons, Sure Start Centres, children's centres and attractions all over Dorset.

Behind Something New is a team of wonder-women – editors, contributors, writers, proofreaders and designers. It’s headed up by Sebrina and Eleanor, who started the magazine to bring the parenting community in Dorset together through shared experience, events and aspirations.

Thank you for your wonderful nominations for our Teachers...

  • Anna is always happy, smiley and pleased to see the babies. Her lessons are fun and progressive. Anna explains the reason/benefits of each skill taught. She is very supportive and positive throughout the lessons. When Freya was suffering from reflux Anna was supportive and ensured we had alternatives to allow Freya to remain comfortable.

     Diane, Freya’s Mum

  • I first met Lisa as mummy to 9-week-old Ronnie in floaties with my eldest son Caden. They are now 6! Little did I know then what an important influence, great support and even greater friend to me and my family she would become.

    My youngest son has only 3 weeks left with Lisa and it will be a tremendous tear to leave her. She has always conducted her classes professionally but with fun and smiles all the way. She always offers helpful suggestions, great empathy and a knowing laugh at the difficulties all parents face - as well as managing to get the best out of each individual. 

    I won’t get a chance to nominate her again - it’s about time she won!!

    Luisa, Caden & Nates Mum

  • Jo is a fantastic teacher! Her patience with all the children learning at their own pace is such a sight to see. She has helped Lyla become increasingly more and more confident especially over this past couple of months which is one of the most important things when being in the water. So, thank you, Jo. You are definitely our star!

    Chloe, Lyla’s Mum

  • Lydia knows each child so well and has a wonderful way with children. She is friendly and so consistent with them, showing an excellent understanding of each child’s needs. I am so grateful to her, Alexander’s total comfort and confidence in the water are all down to her.

    Amy, Alexander’s Mum

  • Laura is just so lovely. Daisy looks forward to her swimming lessons with Laura and every time she sees her, she says, "There's my favourite girl!!" She has really taken to Laura since Anna went on maternity leave and she has gone from strength to strength with her swimming. Laura is kind, patient and fun and makes the lessons enjoyable for all the children involved.

    Louise, Daisy’s Mum

  • Michaela has really helped our eldest child Neve who has recently returned to Puddle Ducks lessons. Neve had lost her enthusiasm for swimming lessons elsewhere and wasn't progressing.
    Straight away from the first lesson with Michaela though Neve was fully engaged and has really enjoyed her lessons with big smiles every week. She is progressing quickly so far and we are really pleased we decided to bring her and her younger brother back to Puddle Ducks swim academy.
    Michaela has a lovely way with the children, so enthusiastic and instantly engaging them. Thank you! 😊

    Kirsty, Neve’s Mum

  • Anna is so friendly and welcoming. She gets to know the children really well and always praises their strengths and achievements and supports their weaknesses.

    Claire, Ruari’s Mum

  • Lisa is amazing what a lovely lady she is so happy always got time for you nothings ever any trouble for her so nice to
    Learn to swim with Luna really likes Lisa and had bonded with her so well Lisa is a special
    Teacher and we’re so lucky to have her in our group Lisa explained everything so well to us I really think Lisa is the best and deserves the win for her kind mature and happy smiley personality we love Lisa xx 😘 The best teacher I’ve ever met I’m so lucky for my granddaughter to learn by her and am a 100 percent happy xxx

    Wendy, Luna-Mae’s Grandmother

  • Jo has been the most fantastic teacher for both of my children but in different ways. She is extremely patient with Harry, who has struggled to settle into swimming. She knows his limits and offers him praise when he does the smallest of things (blowing bubbles). For my daughter Ella, Jo is constantly pushing her level of swimming and make sure that she is doing more difficult activities (as Ella is super confident and ready to move up). Thank you Jo xxx

    Amelia, Harry & Ella’s Mum

  • She is just purely amazing. She goes the extra Mile. She has, through the admin team sent lesson plans to me so I can talk to my little girl before the lesson, meaning she is not so apprehensive. She has a great repour with the children. Just amazing!!!!

    Rebecca, Florence’s Mum

  • Anna makes every class enjoyable and is really supportive when the little ones need a little bit of extra help. My husband and I are glad Anna teaches both of our children.

    Lucy, Arthur & Lottie’s Mum

  • Amber has always loved swimming but Lisa has really helped her enjoy her lessons and enjoy learning new things and it has been amazing to see her confidence go from strength to strength with Lisa's commanding, no-nonsense yet always fun and friendly approach. Such a tough balance to get just right but Lisa really does. Always smiling and positive, the joy of being in the water shines out and lights up the children with that same joy! Lisa's encouragement and support led to Amber swimming 5m unaided at 2 years 9 months and a month later her confidence and ability in the water is a testament to both the Puddle Ducks system and Lisa's awesomeness as a teacher and a person! We love Lisa!

    Caroline, Amber’s Mum

  • Because she approaches every child taking their individual needs into account, she is also genuine and approachable. Same applies to Lydia!

    Kasia, Max’s Mum

  • Lydia is always great fun, has a smile on her face and brings a great energy and enthusiasm to her lessons. She has a really lovely way with the children and Evangeline just has the best time, splashing and discovering the water. She is growing in confidence all the time and despite not often wanting to leave my side in the past, is now much happier to try activities with Lydia too which is brilliant to see. She always explains what we are doing clearly and why, which really lets you trust her expertise and get on and enjoy your time with your baby. Thank you Lydia!

    Fiona, Evangeline’s Mum

  • Lisa is just brilliant, if my son is not in the best of moods sometimes (toddler tantrums!), Lisa will adapt and the lesson will always still be a positive productive one. Lisa is always consistent, warm and friendly which makes my son feel confident and safe to swim as well as he can. Thank you, Lisa.

    Amy, Henry’s Mum

  • Jo is very enthusiastic, helpful, smiling. Her lessons are real fun. She is putting a lot of effort to make the whole swimming experience enjoyable and relaxing. The atmosphere is very welcoming.

    Magda, Alexander’s Mum

  • Lydia has been fantastic with Oliver! He had a real wobble about swimming and would cry even going near the pool. He’s now excited about swimming, and we even had a breakthrough with using the seahorse woggle recently. Thanks to Lydia’s encouragement and fantastic teaching Oliver has come on leaps and bounds, and loves to make Lydia and Mummy proud at swimming lessons now!

    Claire, Oliver’s Mum

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