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Teacher Feature Pasquale

Our fantastic teacher Pasquale has been with Puddle Ducks for nearly 5 years now! She runs classes all the way from the tiniest newborns to 4 years in our Little Dippers classes, and our customers love her. We are so excited to launch our new pool at Launceston Farm, Blandford with Pasquale, we thought we'd catch up with her to ask all about her swimming journey and here is what she had to say 😊

Tell us a bit about you?
Well, they say you should never work with animals or children but I have managed to do both! When I first started in the world of work I spent 15 years working in animal rescue in Norfolk. Mostly dealing with cats and dogs but I have funny stories to tell involving swans, ferrets and all sorts! I then returned to the South West to be nearer family and lived and worked on a fruit farm for a few years. When I had my son I knew I would be looking for a change of career. He had his first swimming lesson at 10 weeks. He loved it and I was hooked. I was a Puddle Ducks Poolside Assistant by the time he was 2 and teaching by the time he was 4. He still loves the water now and he is nearly 7.

When and where did you first learn to swim?
I always loved swimming, which is lucky considering my first memories of it involve me being about 5 years old and not exactly taking to it well. My teacher decided to put me in a set of baby reins and dragged me through the water. I can only assume that's the way things were done then and thank goodness they have changed!! I was never a fantastic swimmer, just average, but I always loved being in the water, pretending to be a dolphin and spending more time under water than above it!!

What do you do when your not teaching swimming?
When I'm not teaching I do a lot of walking. I try to do one endurance walk of 100k per year. This not out of some crazy obsession for fitness, more of a desire to balance out the love of food and Netflix. I love spending time doing outdoorsy things with my son. He is very active so we go to the beach in all weathers, take the dog out and have mini-adventures!

Which is your favourite pool?
I don't have a favourite pool because they are all different and have things to offer, but I am very excited about the new pool Launceston Farm!!

How does it feel to be nominated as Star Teacher by your customers so many times?
It is very humbling to be nominated as Star Teacher. As a teacher, you try to make the lessons fun whilst helping your swimmers to gain their personal survival skills and build on their confidence and swimming ability. Each swimmer and every parent/carer has their own story behind the lesson and when you discover that you have made a positive impact for someone who was struggling, or helped someone unlock their potential it is a great feeling.

What would you say to someone thinking of joining Puddle Ducks with their child?
If anyone was thinking about joining us for lessons I would definitely say "come on in, the water's lovely!". Its more than just a lesson, its a community. You make friends, you have fun and you learn a life skill as well!

You can swim with Pasquale on Wednesdays at The Victorian Barn nr Blandford, Fridays at Launceston Farm in Blandford and Sundays at St Michael's Middle School in Wimborne.

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