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Welcome to Ashly!

We have recently welcomed the wonderful Ashly to our Dorset teaching team. We are so excited to have her, as she has relocated to Dorset after living in West Herts. So, we thought we would ask her some questions to find out more about her, for us and for you!

❓Tell us a little bit about yourself?
I've moved to Dorset with my boyfriend Gareth and our two children Edie,7 and Cameron, 10 months. Both Gareth and I grew up near the ocean in South Africa and wanted the same for our children. We have been visiting our family in Poole a few times a year for the last 5 years and every time we've thought - this would be such a great place to live...some day. We decided to take the plunge and make "some day" now.
❓What made you want to become a swimming teacher?
I spend a lot of my spare time swimming in local rivers, lakes, lido's, leisure centres and the sea... and started gathering up swimming teaching qualifications about 10 years ago, knowing that it was the dream job for me.
❓Why Puddle Ducks?
After having Edie, it felt like the right time to make the change, and I came across Puddle Ducks and they make swimming so enjoyable for the whole family and that resonated with me.
❓What is your favourite part of teaching?
The pressure is off and both the children and parents are learning how to have a great time in the water together, safely - which is the best way to learn anything.
❓Which is your favourite swimming stroke?
I love all the strokes for different reasons: Front crawl is my no brainer, I can swim long distances, it's fast and efficient and the stroke I swim competitively. Breaststroke can be leisurely, and generally means I'm not swimming alone, and am having a chat with a friend or family member while swimming. Butterfly will always take my breath away when seeing it done, it fills we with awe at what our bodies can do. Swimming backstroke has you seeing things from a different perspective.
❓So... what colour woggle is it for you?
It's got to be a yellow woggle for me, when Edie was little she always chose yellow woggles - so they make me think of happy swimming with her.
❓What is your favourite ice cream flavour?
❓What is your favourite tv show?
Schitts Creek
❓What is your favourite part of living down in Dorset?
We're enjoying Dorset because other than the obviously beautiful beaches - it seems like every suburb, neighbourhood, area that we visit has it's own little gems to explore. Also... the locals are so friendly and welcoming ❤️

Well... we couldn't agree more!😄 Ashly is teaching both Baby & Pre School and Swim Academy and has years of experience teaching with Puddle Ducks at West Herts so is so ready to jump in the pool and get teaching with us! She is teaching at Everlast Gym on Monday and Sunday and Launceston Farm on Monday!

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