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What to bring to your Puddle Ducks Baby & Pre School Lesson!

  • Swimming outfit

    Swimming outfit

    With most of our pools and especially our hydrotherapy pools, your little one will be warm enough in their Swimming Nappies using our 'double nappy system'. We do have some fabulous Splashabout Happy Nappy Costumes and 'Jammers' so it's all in one, ready to go! When your little one no longer requires a swim nappy (once they are fully potty trained) we recommend a one-piece swim suit for girls, and cropped lycra shorts for boys (as Bermuda loose style shorts cause drag).

  • Under Nappy (if needed!)

    Under Nappy (if needed!)

    If your child is not yet fully potty trained you will need to get yourselves some under nappies to wear under your happy nappy (see below!). This can be either a disposable nappy or (our personal favourite) please consider using a reusable under nappy, we recommend using these Swim NappyWrap & Liners. For the cost of 2 packs of disposables you have this one to use on your child again and again, just pop it in the wash along with your swim kit when you get home and done! So much better for the environment and your pocket too!

  • Over Nappy (if needed!)

    Over Nappy (if needed!)

    Unfortunately the NappyWrap alone will not save us against the dreaded 'poop-explosion'! So just in case we ask for your little ones to wear an under nappy (as above) plus a neoprene over nappy. Our favourites are the Splashabout Happy Nappy we even have our own Puddle Ducks Happy Nappy with free postage! Made from 1mm supple, stretchy neoprene (like a wetsuit) and finished with super soft, snug fitting, deep bands of fabric at the legs and waist it is comfortable yet ensures all little... or big accidents stay inside the nappy! 

    Incidentally, it is worth noting that swimming nappies are not waterproof! Do not change your baby until you get to the pool.

  • Googles


    We only recommend introducing goggles from our Little Dippers or Dippers classes (from around 3+ years). Goggles could help your child's swimming and encourage them to put their face back in the water and have correct alignment. Their eyes will be less aggravated and they will undoubtedly enjoy their enhanced vision with goggles on – especially when collecting toys from the pool floor. 

    If you decide to get your little one goggles, we have a whole range to choose from in our shop, including 5 different colours, UV protection, anti-fog & scratch resistant lenses, waterproof seals and free of any latex.

  • Camera


    ...or your phone!

    We have some time at the end of our lessons called 'Splashtime', this is the perfect moment to have a quick chat to your teacher, if you have any questions, or you can use this time to snap a few photos for memories of your swimming journey together while playing with our toys. Bring a friend or family member along too, or ask your Poolside assistant to snap a photo of you both - don't forget to send them to us too, we love to share your journey!

  • Swimming Star Cards

    Swimming Star Cards

    Your teacher will have some of our Swimming Star Milestones cards poolside for you to use. Be sure to bring them along with you in your swim bag and you can snap a photo together... just like this one!

  • Towels


    Of course you will need two snuggly towels to cuddle up in after your swimming lesson and dry off, we recommend one with a hood for your little ones.

  • Snacks and Drink

    All that swimming and splashing works up an appetite! Pop a healthy snack and drink or a warm bottle for after the swim if you’re bottle-feeding, in your swim bag for after your lesson - but please remember to save the snack for after you're out of the changing rooms for health and safety reasons!

    If you are feeding with solids, please allow at least 1 hour for food to digest before coming swimming. For babies under 6 months please feed milk as necessary, if your baby is hungry they are less likely to enjoy their swim!

  • Pyjamas?!


    Three times annually, Puddle Ducks runs pyjama lessons, teaching children personal survival and life saving skills, and once a year we nominate a local charity to raise money for.  Our pyjama weeks are much loved by both teachers and children alike – they are a huge amount of fun as well as teaching crucial skills. Don't forget a bag to pop your wet clothes into when you're finished! 

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