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What to bring to your Swim Academy Lessons!

  • Your 'A Game'!

    Your 'A Game'!

    Children learn through experience, fun and some repetition. Practice makes perfect. We keep our classes fun, lively, varied and exciting to help your child stay engaged and challenged in the water. We don’t knock children down; we build them up. Our strokes are deconstructed so that nothing is ever ‘wrong’ because they’ve always started out right.

  • Loose fitting clothes

    We recommend coming to your swimming lessons in some loose-fitting, comfy clothes making it easy to get ready before and after your swimming lesson.

  • Swimmers

    We recommend your child wears well-fitting swimwear and not, for instance, baggy shorts which can cause drag in the water. Tight fitting lycra shorts for Boys and one-piece swim suits for girls is suitable

  • Swim Hat

    Swim Hat

    Swim hats are compulsory in Swim Academy lessons (for your free assessment there are usually spare swim hats poolside). This is for unity together with your friends in the pool, and ensures hair doesn't get caught in the pool. You will get a Swim Hat in with your Welcome Pack when you join Swim Academy Dorset, along with your Milestone Cards!

  • Goggles


    Goggles are recommended but are not compulsory for our Swim Academy lessons, they may well encourage your child to put their face back in the water. Their eyes will be less aggravated and they will undoubtedly enjoy their enhanced vision with goggles on – especially when collecting toys from the pool floor. 

  • Towel

    We also recommend that you take a warm cosy towel poolside to wrap your child in when the lesson is finished.

  • Swimming Star Cards

    Swimming Star Cards

    Your teacher will have some of our amazing Swimming Star Cards - these cards are great to snap a quick photo at the end of the lesson for you child to celebrate and remember the milestones they achieved in their lessons!

  • Pyjamas?!


    Three times annually, Swim Academy runs pyjama lessons, teaching children personal survival and life saving skills, and once a year we nominate a local charity to raise money for.  Our pyjama weeks are much loved by both teachers and children alike – they are a huge amount of fun as well as teaching crucial skills. Don't forget a bag to pop your wet clothes into when you're finished! 

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