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Meet our brilliant Dorset Team, both in and out of the pool!

  • Jane



    Jane’s passion for baby and child swimming began when she started taking her eldest son Jack to swimming lessons when he was just nine weeks old, an activity that quickly became the highlight of their week. 

    "Thanks to the incredible Puddle Ducks programme, both of my children were able to swim at least 5m before they started school, but more importantly, they have a huge amount of respect for the water, absolutely LOVE swimming and can swim more gracefully and beautifully than most adults! 

     After thoroughly catching the bug, I decided to leave my marketing career and set up Puddle Ducks Dorset in 2008, as one of Puddle Ducks’ first franchisees! I am extremely proud to be part of the amazing and nationally recognised Puddle Ducks swimming programmes and to be bringing them to children and mums-to-be in our local area." 

    Jane has a huge amount of experience in teaching young children to swim, qualified in Baby & Pre-school, Swim Academy and Elite Swim Academy as well as Aquanatal.  Although she’s mostly based at the office these days she still loves to teach and can often be seen at the pool checking everything is running smoothly.  Her eldest son has now graduated from Puddle Ducks but her youngest son Jasper swims in our Swim Academy classes.

  • Natalie


    Office Manager

    A key member of our team since 2011, we couldn’t do it without our Office Manager Natalie! Whether it’s booking people in, managing payments, answering your queries and everything in between, Natalie is the “font of all knowledge!”

  • Carmen


    Office Administrator

    If you call or email our office, chances are you’ll speak to Carmen, who joined us as Administrator in 2017.  Carmen is on hand to help with any new enquiries, emails or messages via our website.

    Her daughter Elin also swims in our Swim Academy classes. 

  • Sophie


    Marketing Manager

    Sophie joined as our Marketing Manager in 2016. Sophie deals with emails and enquiries, as well as managing all of our social media accounts and organising lots of great events and groups to meet prospective customers and chat about our classes and what we are all about!

    When she’s not working, you might bump into Sophie at one of our Dabblers classes with her little Puddle Duck Luella!

  • Anna


    Head of Teaching for Dorset and our Senior Teacher

    Joining the team as Baby & Pre-school Instructor in 2010, Anna very quickly trained to teach our Swim Academy classes and later Elite Swim Academy for older children.  Her enthusiasm and love for the job is what makes her so special. She gets amazing results and is a firm favourite with our swimmers, some of whom even re-enact their swimming lessons at home!  As our Senior Teacher, Anna is responsible for mentoring both new and experienced teachers and ensuring the quality of our lessons is second to none. Anna has been promoted to Head of Teaching for our ever expanding Dorset team. Anna's new position will see her stepping up her commitment to managing, mentoring and monitoring our team standards. Anna also runs her own Dance company! Phew!

  • Lisa


    Baby & Pre School Teacher

    Lisa joined us as a Baby & Pre-School teacher in 2011. Her infectious smile and love for our classes and the children shines through in each class she teaches. Lisa also has two Puddle Ducks, Ronnie and Evie, who swim in our Swim Academy and Dippers classes.  Lisa also runs her own Graphic Design company, Minco.

  • Lydia


    Baby & Pre School & Swim Academy Teacher

    As an ex-competitive swimmer, Lydia combines fantastic technical knowledge with her very bubbly personality (and rather dry sense of humour!), making her classes a huge amount of fun.  After joining us in 2016 as Baby & Pre-school Instructor, Lydia also trained to teach Swim Academy.   Her son Rupert swims in our Little Dippers class and her newborn Percy is due to start Floaties very soon!

  • Jo


    Baby & Preschool Teacher & Poolside Assistant

    Jo started attending our classes in 2013 and then joined our team in 2017 as a Poolside Assistant.  She loved her job so much that shortly after she trained to be a Puddle Ducks Baby & Pre-school teacher.  Jo brings so much enthusiasm to the role, she’s set to be a firm favourite with our swimmers. 

    Jo has her own little Puddle Ducks, Mason and Oakley who both swim with us in Swim Academy and Little Dippers classes.

  • Pasquale


    Baby & Pre School Teacher and Poolside Assistant

    Pasquale joined us in 2015 as the Poolside Assistant at Dairy House Farm, and has been a friendly face there ever since.  After standing on the side-lines for two years she took the plunge and trained to be a Baby & Pre-school teacher in 2017.  Pasquale delivers each activity with enthusiasm and excellent attention to detail – her precision is sure to get the best out of all her swimmers.  Her son, Stanley swims in our Dippers class.

  • Laura


    Aquanatal and Swim Academy Teacher

    When Laura joined our Floaties classes as a customer with her tiny baby Nyla back 2011, she stood out straight away with her huge smile and natural affinity with the water. After following the programme through with Nyla into Swim Academy and now with her younger daughter Rayen, she wanted to get in on the action!  Laura trained in 2017 to be an Aquanatal and Swim Academy Teacher and applies that huge smile with great effect together with a real focus on ensuring everyone gets the most out of their session. She is currently training to become a Baby & preschool teacher too!  

  • Savannah


    Swim Academy Teacher

    When it comes to swim credentials, Savannah has them in spades.  Starting swimming as a baby in her Native South Africa founded a lifelong love of swimming that has shaped her life and career so far.  She continues to demonstrate incredible talent as a competitive swimmer, narrowly missing out on qualifying for the Rio Olympic games in 2016.  Wanting to pass on her love and passion for the sport, teaching and coaching was the next natural step.  In 2016 she immigrated to the UK with her family and since then has had a number of jobs assisting and teaching swimming.  When she approached us and asked how she could join the Puddle Ducks teaching community we jumped at the chance and now Savannah is a member of our Swim Academy teaching team – delivering huge smiles and invaluable technical advice to our swimmers.  She has also been a coach for Swim Bournemouth. 

  • Michaela


    Swim Academy Teacher and Poolside Assistant

    Michaela's friendly, fun and passionate personalty shine through in her lessons, she is loving teaching our Swim Academy classes and has taken to it like a duck to water!

  • Carole


    Poolside Assistant

    Carole joined the Poolside team in 2015, working at Avon House in West Moors. Capable, organised, caring – she has all the qualities we love in a Poolside Assistant!  As a mum of three, Carole has seen it all – she’s incredibly supportive of our Puddle Ducks parents and fantastic with children.   

  • Holly

    Poolside Assistant

    The newest member of our team, Holly joins us as Poolside Assistant at Dairy House Farm on Wednesdays.  Holly has a passion for working with children, volunteering at the local primary school and helping children to further their education in any way she can.  She believes passionately that swimming is a valuable life skill all children should learn.  She has a 4 year old son and lives locally to the pool.