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Meet Our Team

Meet our brilliant Dorset Team, both in and out of the pool!

  • Jane



    Jane’s passion for baby and child swimming began when she started taking her eldest son Jack to swimming lessons when he was just nine weeks old, an activity that quickly became the highlight of their week. 

    "Thanks to the incredible Puddle Ducks programme, both of my children were able to swim at least 5m before they started school, but more importantly, they have a huge amount of respect for the water, absolutely LOVE swimming and can swim more gracefully and beautifully than most adults! 

     After thoroughly catching the bug, I decided to leave my marketing career and set up Puddle Ducks Dorset in 2008, as one of Puddle Ducks’ first franchisees! I am extremely proud to be part of the amazing and nationally recognised Puddle Ducks swimming programmes and to be bringing them to children and mums-to-be in our local area." 

    Jane has a huge amount of experience in teaching young children to swim, qualified in Baby & Pre-school, Swim Academy and Elite Swim Academy.  Whilst managing the business takes most of her time, she absolutely loves continuing to teach all of the programmes. Her sons Jack and Jasper have now graduated from Puddle Ducks long ago!

  • Anna


    Head of Teaching

    Joining the team as Baby & Pre-school Instructor in 2010, Anna very quickly trained to teach our Swim Academy classes and later Elite Swim Academy for older children.  Her enthusiasm and love for the job is what makes her so special. She gets amazing results and is a firm favourite with our swimmers, some of whom even re-enact their swimming lessons at home!  As our Head of Teaching and a Senior Teacher, Anna is responsible for mentoring both new and experienced teachers and ensuring the quality of our lessons is second to none. Anna also runs her own Dance company! Phew! On top of that her Daughters Luna-Rae & Ember swim with us too!

  • Lisa


    Baby & Pre-school Teacher

    Lisa joined us as a Baby & Pre-School teacher in 2011. Her infectious smile and love for our classes and the children shines through in each class she teaches. Lisa also has two Puddle Ducks, Ronnie and Evie, who swim in our Swim Academy classes.  Lisa also runs her own Graphic Design company, Minco.

  • Liz


    Baby & Pre-school, Swim Academy & Elite Swim Academy Teacher

    Liz joined us in 2022 as Baby & Pre-school Instructor, quickly training up to teach Swim Academy in September.  Recently she's added teaching our Elite Swim Academy (level 5 & 6) to her bow!  Liz has extensive previous experience as a Primary School teacher and prior to that swim teaching which makes her the perfect fit for our team.  Liz has such a lovely warm and friendly manner we are sure you will love swimming with her!

  • Lydia


    Swim Academy & Elite Swim Academy Teacher

    As an ex-competitive swimmer, Lydia combines fantastic technical knowledge with her very bubbly personality (and rather dry sense of humour!), making her classes a huge amount of fun.  After joining us in 2016 as Baby & Pre-school Instructor, Lydia also trained to teach Swim Academy and Elite Swim Academy. Her sons Rupert and Percy swim with us too!

  • Carey


    Swim Academy Teacher

    Carey has a true love for the water and swimming, competing in Water Polo and Swimming, she channels this love into her teaching. When she's not teaching you'll find her reading, playing hockey or studying!

  • Laura


    Baby & Pre-school Teacher

    Laura joined Puddle Ducks as a customer since 2018 when her oldest daughter Phoebe was a tiny baby in Floaties.  Having thoroughly caught the bug with Phoebe in Swim Academy and Isla in Little Dippers, Laura decided it was time to jump in herself!  An ex-Primary School teacher, Laura combines first-hand knowledge of the programme with a lovely, gentle personality that is certain to be popular with our swimmers and their parents. 

  • Frances


    Swim Academy Teacher

    Frances is our very first Puddle Ducks graduate to join our team as Swim Academy teacher.  Having experienced Puddle Ducks lessons first-hand she wants all our swimmers to love their lessons as much as she did!

  • Josh


    Swim Academy Teacher

    Josh is a qualified surf lifesaver and beach lifeguard who is passionate about helping kids learn how to swim, surf and use the beach safely, so it was the obvious next step to train to be a Swim Academy teacher while he studies for his A levels.  Josh is confident, friendly and lots of fun – sure to be a favourite with our swimmers. 

  • Natalie


    Office Manager

    A key member of our team since 2011, we couldn’t do it without our Office Manager Natalie! Whether it’s booking people in, managing payments, answering your queries and everything in between, Natalie is the “font of all knowledge!”

  • Carmen


    Customer Care Administrator

    If you call or email our office, chances are you’ll speak to Carmen, who joined us as Administrator in 2017.  Carmen is on hand to help with any new enquiries, emails or messages via our website.  

    Her daughter Elin graduated from our Swim Academy programme so she has first hand experience!

  • Mandy


    Poolside Assistant & Customer Care Administrator

    Mandy has been with us since 2021 as a poolside assistant at Montacute School and Launceston Farm. In 2022 she joined our Office Admin team too - her smiley, friendly nature makes her a firm favourite for parents, children and us! 

  • Alison

    Poolside Assistant

    Alison is our super friendly Poolside Assistant at Launceston Farm on Mondays

  • Amelia

    Poolside Assistant

    Amelia is on hand on Sunday mornings at St Michaels Middle School to make sure everyone knows where they are going!

  • Freya

    Poolside Assistant

    Freya is our lovely Poolside Assistant at St Michaels Middle School (afternoons)

  • Jack

    Poolside Assistant

    A former Puddle Ducks graduate and our franchisee Jane's son, Jack works on Sunday mornings at Montacute School!

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