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What our Customers say...

  • Callie has been going to Puddle Ducks lessons for just over a year now and I couldn't be happier. We've had good days and bad days throughout as she goes through different phases etc and have had excellent support from not only Anna (Callie's teacher), but also Jane and her team and other mums in our group.  I'd totally recommend Puddle Ducks - as I have to my friends. The option to have catch up lessons has also been extremely useful - especially as Callie recently started nursery and has dealt with a myriad of bugs which have meant we had to miss our usual lessons. I know friends have appreciated this too!

    Puddle Ducks swimming lessons are a key priority for me as far as our daughter is concerned.

    Sam, Callie's Mum

  • I can not praise Puddle Ducks enough for their swimming techniques. Both my girls and myself really look forward to our weekly lessons and we only wish they were longer because we all have so much fun in the water. Larna and Daisy both have Anna as their teacher and she is just amazing. She' so friendly and always takes the time to have a little chat with me about the girls progress each week. I have also made some lovely mummy friends and the girls have also made some new friends which is just lovely. The confidence which my girls show in the water is fantastic to see and friends and family comment on how well they swim. I love that Puddle Ducks covers all areas of swimming including life saving techniques and I truly believe that the girls will be better swimmers than me when their older!!!

    Louise, Larna & Daisy's Mum

  • Puddle Ducks have been teaching my daughter Ellie for about a year now, the confidence she has gained is amazing. Lydia and Jane have been fantastic with her and the level of teaching is outstanding. Highly recommend Puddle Ducks to anyone looking for children swimming lessons, the flexibility to have catch up sessions for any lessons missed really is an added bonus! Thanks to you all xx

    Kelly, Ellie's Mum

  • Absolutely fantastic! We have been with Puddle Ducks for almost a year now (since our daughter was 6 weeks old) and it was one of the best decisions we made. Finding swimming lessons is relatively easy, finding swimming lessons which are fun, pacey, structured, supportive and that allow for continued progress, isn't so easy... the list is endless. Worth every penny!


  • Thank you so much for getting my daughter's confidence up. She's slowly getting over her fear of the water, and is starting to put her head in the water, and is working on jumping in, a huge step for Charlotte. Thank you for all your patience with her.

    Amanda, Charlotte's Mum

  • Pasquale has been instrumental in Rosie growing in confidence and ability in the water. She takes great care in explaining the activities in class and remarks on each individual, picking up where they can build and improve. She also has a very friendly approach which Rosie really likes!

    Karina, Rosie’s Mum

  • As a swimming teacher and lifeguard, I wanted nothing but the best quality for my little one. I am thrilled with the attention to detail Puddle Ducks provides in each and every lesson. My daughter is so confident in the water and has achieved so much. The teachers are all friendly and happy to help in any way they can.

    Kendra, Holly's Mum

  • Puddle Ducks is one of the highlights of Lila's week. She loves to sing the songs at home and gets really excited when she knows it's time to get ready for it. As a parent, it's lovely to see such improvements in her confidence and ability. When each of us as parents has the chance to participate it makes those smiley moments even more worthwhile.

    Julian, Lila's Dad

  • Laura is an amazing teacher and has a relaxed warm approach putting any child she teaches at ease. Our son had never even been in a pool and would run off from even a small pool shaking and upset, Laura has made him feel so secure and with patience and reassurance, without him realising Laura was getting him used to the pool water. Every week he looks forward to going to Laura’s lessons and it's lovely to watch him grow with confidence and eager to learn. I know that any challenges he will face with his learning that Laura will get him through it. Laura recognises each child is different and works with them at their pace but the class are doing the same it all works very well, and the lessons are well thought out.

    Nikki, Cameron’s Mum

  • Lisa has been amazing through our swimming journey, adapting things so that we can participate even when my son only wanted to cling to me. She is always smiling and has so much enthusiasm. She has also supported me through my own wobbles about continuing lessons.

    It is so lovely to swim with a teacher who is not only very child led but also very engaging of the children she teaches. I now have a child who will literally jump at the chance to go swimming, who looks forward to seeing Lisa every week and who has gained in confidence hugely- both in and out of the water.

    Natalie, Barnaby’s Mum

  • Jo has helped my child who was prettified of water, no water play, no baths let alone even to get into the water into a confident swimmer all I hear is "dive Mummy". He just wants to go underwater constantly and loves to jump in off the float and is able to jump in and kick his way back to the surface. With my eldest (who we stopped his lessons as he has behavioural issues) Jo was amazing making sure he had purple woggles and me not having to ask. She knows all the names of the children in the group and when you need help in the class, she helps you without you feeling silly!


What our customers think