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Announcing our Teacher of the Term… Well done Emily!

Let's take a look at the winning nomination!

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A huge well done to Emily for being our Teacher of the Term!

We are absolutely thrilled for Emily, who has won our Teacher of the Term this December.

So what is the winning nomination?

Here's the winning nomination from Lucy, mummy to Arthur, a Dipper at Sheldon Spa.

When we started back after the summer holidays Arthur had developed a new resistance to swimming and lost some of his confidence in the water. I found it very challenging as we had always previously loved our swimming sessions together. We also had the additional challenge of a new teacher which was hard because Arthur had bonded really well with Charmaine. Emily, however was really quick to get Arthur on side and was very sensitive to my distress when he was refusing to engage. She lent Arthur her googles for two weeks and we haven't looked back since. He now has his own googles and his progress this term has been amazing. We feel super privileged to have had two such excellent teachers.

The winning nomination was chosen by the lovely Laura, the incredible lifestyle blogger behind Autumn’s Mummy Blog! Here's what she had to say...

I thought that Arthur's teacher handled his loss of confidence, the challenge of a new teacher and his lack of engagement really well. It can be distressing and feel quite embarrassing when you're in a lesson and your child doesn't want to play ball, so it's fantastic that Arthur's teacher was also very sensitive to his parent's distress. It was great to read that Arthur seems to have his confidence back and has made brilliant progress. It would have been all too easy for there to be a breakdown in communication here resulting in Arthur and his parent giving up swimming, but thanks to the dedication, kindness and ability of his teacher it sounds like he is now absolutely thriving!

Emily has won our local Teacher of the Term competition in East Kent and is now through to the National competition! Best of luck from the whole team, and our fantastic Swimmers – we are routing for you!

We are so grateful to everyone who submitted their nomination – it is overwhelming to know that you all appreciate your Teachers, and that our Teachers are doing a marvellous job! Your kind words were lovely to read, and I know that our Teachers are really proud of what you have had to say!

Thank you again, and good luck Emily!