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Hilltop Primary Academy, ROCHESTER

We swim here on Tuesdays & Sundays. See our full timetable below to sign-up online:

Book before 1st August to receive our current prices, our classes will be £15 per lesson from 1st August.

  1. Click on a class from one of the timetables below
  2. Complete the booking form and pay
  3. That's it!

We swim here on Tuesdays & Sundays! See our full timetable below to sign-up online. Alternatively, contact us by calling 01622 236111 or emailing and we'd be happy to help.

Upcoming Holiday Dates (inclusive):
Monday 19th July - Friday 3rd September 2021
Monday 25th October - Sunday 31st October 2021
Monday 20th December - Monday 3rd January 2022
Please note: All timetables are correct at time of publishing. Any changes to your class times will be communicated to you by your local office either by phone or email.

Floaties: 0-6 months; Splashers: 6-15 months; Kickers: 15 months-2.5 years; Little Dippers: 2.5-4 years

To see our swimming classes at our other pools click here.

Please note all new bookings require payment for 10 classes upfront