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Timetable - Duke of York RM School, Dover

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To book your swimming lessons here:

  1. Click on a class from the timetables below
  2. Complete the booking forms
  3. Sign-up online!

We swim here on Saturday! See our timetable below to sign-up online. Call 01622 236111 or email [email protected] if you need any help.

Lessons here run all year round except for a 1 week break at Easter, 2 weeks in Summer and 2 weeks at Christmas plus Bank Holidays!

Upcoming Holiday Dates (inclusive):
Monday 19th August 2024 - Sunday 1st September 2024
Saturday 21st December 2024 - Friday 3rd January 2025

To see our swimming classes at our other pools click here.

Please note all new bookings require payment for 10 classes upfront


0-6 months with no
swimming experience
6-8 months with
swimming experience