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Meet the team

Meet our fantastic team, who's who and what we all do!

  • Sarah



    I’m Sarah, franchisee and owner of Puddle Ducks Glasgow. In 2009 I took my eldest daughter, Olivia to swimming lessons and just fell in love with it. I knew then I had to follow my passion, so I retrained as a swimming teacher and gave up my corporate job. I started Puddle Ducks Glasgow in 2020.  My youngest daughter swims with me in Level 3 and she is doing amazingly well!! You can find me most days in the pool teaching and when I’m not teaching, I’m catching up on the business side and seeing where next we can grow!

  • Allison


    Baby and Preschool teacher

    Hi, I’m Allison

    I’m a mum to two grown up daughters and three beautiful grandchildren. It was through my granddaughter that my Puddle Duck journey began. I took her to Puddle Ducks Glasgow and she loved it. As a gran it was great to see her and the other children learning new skills while having fun.

    I had always worked with the public previously in Careers Guidance and Nursing. Through chatting with Sarah I decided to take the plunge and change my career.

    I have never looked back. I love my job. It’s great working with the babies and their parents. To think that I’m a part of their introduction to the water and their swimming journey is a pleasure. To see them grow as individuals and progress through the programme is amazing.

    3 of my favourite things - chilling out, watching tennis but most of all spending time with my family & going on holidays.

  • Laura



    Hi, I’m Laura  I joined Puddle Ducks as a parent of a baby boy. coming out of lockdown we were looking to socialise with more mums. My now 2.5 year old still attends lessons and absolutely loves them! 
    As soon as I met Sarah I knew I'd made a friend for life! I was fortunate enough to be given a job with the admin team and I'm loving it. So I'm one of the faces to the voice you may speak with on occasion, so say 'Hi'.

    3 of my favourite things - (other than my 2 wonderful kids) long drives to find new places, with a great playlist and nice walks at the end. Socialising in any form and wine! (who doesn’t love wine!)

  • Marie



    Hi, I’m Marie and I began my journey with Puddle Ducks when I took my daughter to the Splashers classes in Bolton back in 2012. Now my daughter has just turned 11 years old and she has a love and respect for the water and I have a fabulous job in 3 of the Puddle Ducks franchises.

    I began working for Puddle Ducks Lancashire back in 2017 and subsequently North Hampshire and Reading.  

    Puddle Ducks is just like a family and so I joined Sarah and her Glasgow team in 2021. It really is a great job and I love telling people what amazing lessons we run.

    3 of my favourite things - the gym, going on long walks with family & friends and cooking