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Everlast Fitness, Gloucester

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All you need to know – Everlast Fitness Gloucester 

St Oswalds Retail Park Gloucester GL1 2TE 

You will find everything you need to know about Everlast Fitness below – please read it very carefully.

If you would also like to read about what, as your chosen swim school, Puddle Ducks are doing to continue to keep you, your child and our team members safe, we have summarised all the steps here.

Parking There are plenty of parking spaces on the retail park.  It is free to park for up to 1 ½ hours.

Essential information

  • Puddle Ducks shares the pool space with Everlast Members. We have the use of a wide lane 2.5m x 20m.
  • Pool temperature here is 29 – 30 degrees.
  • The pool is a constant depth of 1.2m
  • There are no nappy bins at this venue so please take your nappy home with you
  • You will need a padlock for the lockers
  • No food to be eaten in the changing room
  • Maximum class ratios pre-school: 8 children/adult pairs: 1 teacher 
  • Maximum class ratios swim academy L1 and 2: 8 children: 2 teachers 
  • Maximum class ratios swim academy L3:  8 children: 1 teacher 
  • Maximum class ratios swim academy L4, 5 & 6: 9 children: 1 teacher


  • Baby and Pre-School: a well-fitting neoprene swim nappy must be worn with a disposable swim nappy or an environmentally friendly Nappy Wrap & Liner underneath, if your child is in Splashers, Kickers or not yet fully potty/toilet trained. We recommend one of our great value Baby Swimming Kits, which contain the swim lesson essentials at a fantastic price.
  • Floaties will require a neoprene wetsuit to swim in this pool and must be over 12 weeks or 12lb to swim here. 
  • All Swim Academy children must wear swim hats in the pool. You will be given one on your first lesson with us. You can find our range of goggles and other Swim Accessories in our online shop.
  • Our online shop stocks a fantastic kids swimwear collection plus super useful bags, towels, changing mats and much, much more!


There are no spectators allowed at this pool. This is a club rule and unfortunately does include siblings. Parents waiting for Swim Academy children can enter the changing rooms before and after their lesson to help them change and then must wait in the reception area whilst lessons are running.  Please note you must remain in the building. Please ensure that your child uses the toilet prior to the lesson as our teachers are unable to accompany them. We have a walkie talkie to contact reception for emergency toilet visits (you will be asked to come poolside to accompany) however be aware this may involve your child being asked to wait.  

Arrival time

Please do not arrive any earlier than 10 minutes before your lesson starts (we would ask you wait in the car until this time). This should give you enough time to get poolside and prevents lots of people from waiting around unnecessarily.

Entering the building

You will enter the pool building via the main entrance.

Arriving swim-ready

Your child (and yourself if you are in a preschool class) should arrive swim-ready at the venue i.e. with your swimming costume/trunks/swim nappy on underneath your clothes. Wear loose clothing where possible so that your time in the changing rooms is limited.

We appreciate that those children still in nappies might need a nappy change just before their lessons. Please ensure you bring your own roll up change matt to avoid changing directly on to benches. Please bring only the essentials (keeping valuables to a minimum) and one bag to put everything in and put this in the locker.  You will need a padlock for the locker.

Please ensure you sanitize the lockers before and after use using the cleaner available in the changing rooms.

Entering the pool area

Once changed you can enter the poolside a few minutes before your class is due to start. Please bring your towel through to the shower area, to dry off before coming back through to the changing rooms at the end of class. You will come onto poolside and wait against the wall to the left of the changing rooms to be called across to shower poolside and then begin your lesson. You will only be called forward once the class prior to yours has exited the water and entered the changing rooms.

You can find lots of additional useful information about attending our swim classes on our FAQs page.

We look forward to seeing you in the pool soon!

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