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Our tips for fun and safe swimming on holiday

The Easter holidays are almost upon us.  Woohoo!  In fact, for some lucky children they have already started. We wish everyone a Happy Easter and hope that you all have a super time, having lots of fun together, with lots of water play too of course!

We thought now would be a good time to give you some tips on how to keep enjoying swimming safely away from our classes,  especially when you are on holiday and how to make sure your little ones keep hold of and gain even more confidence during the holidays. 

1)  Stay safe!

  • When researching your holiday or day trip, or arriving at the destination if you haven’t yet done so, check the safety arrangements of any water-based activities and see if there is lifeguard cover.
  • Swim with any children in your care – it’s more fun and you can keep them close and safe.
  • Understand your swimming environment – especially how the depth changes.
  • Inflatable dinghies and lilos are a well-known hazard and can easily be blown out to sea. Don’t use them in open water.

2)  Practice!

  • Do the activities and exercises you usually do in class.
  • Don’t use buoyancy aids which you don’t use in class (such as arm bands) as this can confuse your child and potentially undermine their confidence. If you use them in lessons, stick to woggles.
  • Don’t work too hard to progress… holidays are not the place to “push”.
  • Mix periods of practice with lots of games so that your little one stays enthusiastic.

3) Have fun and be creative!

  • Play with one of our Puddle Ducks rubber ducks or a ball or lots of different size balls!
  • Have races!
  • Have splashing competitions!
  • Sing your Puddle Ducks songs with one of our Puddle Ducks puppet bath mitts!

4) Don't forget it is never too late to learn to swim.

Swimming is an essential life skill and something we should encourage our children to learn to do at any age – the younger the better. Family holidays are so much more fun and relaxing when your children can happily and confidently play either in the pool or the sea. Swimming lessons play a vital role in making your holidays more enjoyable for the whole family

Whatever you decide to do in the holidays, we hope you have a fantastic time and have the chance to enjoy some wonderful water play with your little ones!

If you would like to try on of our fun-filled classes in a FREE taster then all you have to do is simply click on this link and fill in your details and one of our team will be in touch with you very soon to book you in.

Water is just the best playground in the world, so enjoy it!

Lots of love

All the team at Puddle Ducks Greater Manchester xx

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