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How our PJ Week teaches water safety skills

At Puddle Ducks, our job is not only to help our little swimmers learn how to swim but also develop vital confidence in the water.

All of our classes have a water safety element to them every week, however during our special Pyjama Weeks we give all our little swimmers a chance to see what it might feel like to be in the water with their clothes on. As most accidents happen while you’re fully clothed, wearing their pyjamas gives children a great indication of what this feels like and how it feels to move in the water whilst weighed down by clothes.

Our kids won’t even realise that they’re learning valuable water safety skills; to them, like all other Puddle Ducks classes, it’s simply fun time. Every single activity is included for a reason so that, should your child ever get into difficulty in the water, they know how to respond.

We develop this learning instinct through a range of fun activities designed to get kids:

💦 Treading water, gently moving their arms and legs

💦 Floating until their breathing returns to normal: we call this the starfish pose!

💦 Returning to safety by swimming back to our rafts or the side after jumping in


How Elizabeth applied her skills when accidentally submerged


Little Dipper Elizabeth, was able to put her swimming knowledge to good use in a real-life situation as her swimming teacher explained when nominating her for a Star Swimmer award...


“After losing her footing in the sea, Elizabeth told her Mummy that she remembered to use her lion arms and kicking legs, just like we teach during our PJ Week. Since then, Elizabeth has just got on with swimming and although she is sometimes apprehensive she still comes along and gets involved. I am so proud of her.”


PJ Week is an extremely popular event for us, it gives parents and carers peace of mind that their child is developing personal survival skills and life-saving skills (learning how to help others in difficulty in the water), whilst also adding a new dimension of fun to their learning. So your little one learns these important skills which will become second nature to them, without them even realising!


Find out more

Our Puddle Ducks PJ Weeks take place three times each year in March, May and October. Our October PJ Week is also a Charity sponsored event, where we raise money for a local cause. 

Start your child's swimming classes now for the opportunity to join our PJ Weeks. Contact us on 0161 883 0222 or [email protected]

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