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Monthly Payments are Coming!!

In our last national customer survey, one of the questions we asked you was how we could improve our payment system. Overwhelmingly, you asked for smaller, regular payments on the same day of the month and we are delighted to let you know we have taken your feedback on board regarding the way you pay for your classes.

From 9th May 2019 we will be introducing Monthly Payments which will mean a smaller, more manageable amount for all our customers to pay each month, taken automatically, allowing you to carry on enjoying your Puddle Ducks journey without getting constant payment reminders and having to initiate payments.

How much will Monthly Payments be?

Your monthly payments will be for no more than 4 x your lesson fee. Any current credits on your account will reduce your monthly fee.

January and August are 'balancing payment' months. As there are weeks during the year when we don't swim, we take Balancing Payments to make sure you are never paying for too many lessons in advance. These payments will never be more than four times your lesson fee and may well be less, depending on how many lessons you already have in the bank.

We will also send you an updated payment schedule twice a year or when your child moves class.  If you have any credits on your account at the time a payment is due, they will be used to reduce the actual amount taken that month. If you have 10 or more lessons paid for in any month, no payment will be taken that month.

What are the benefits of Monthly payments?

  • Your child’s place is secured for as long as you want it
  • Each month you pay a smaller, more manageable amount and always on the 3rd of the month
  • You will never have to receive payment reminders again

To keep up to date with your latest account information including lesson fees, visit your My Puddle Ducks online account.

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