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Our Puddle Ducks classes are Unique and FUN!

Here at Puddle Ducks we want every child to love swimming, respect the water and swim beautifully as swimming is an important life skill that will stay with your little one forever. This is why we uniquely tailor all our activities to suit your child, ensuring that they are happy, developing at their own pace, gaining confidence and most importantly having FUN.

Our highly trained and qualified teachers are experts at identifying children’s levels of ability and adapting activities to the individual, nurturing confidence and encouraging natural ability. Classes incorporate rhyme, bespoke songs which have been written by professional musicians such as "Three Puddle Ducks Went Swimming One Day" and movement based on extensive child development research.

Our classes are the perfect time not only for your little one to learn to swim, but also for you to spend some special one to one time bonding together whilst having lots of splashy fun. And the fun doesn’t have to stop as the lesson ends!

Here are our top 5 activities to do when you’re in the swimming pool or bath with your little one to continue the fun:

💦 Blowing Bubbles – Place floating boats in the water and encourage your baby/child to blow the boats along. You could also join in and have a race.

💦 Play at washing your face – the splashier, the better

💦 Mini Races

💦 Singing Songs – For example the Wheels on the Bus and use different actions for the different verses.

  • Wheels on the bus go round and round (move hands around in the water)
  • Wipers on the bus (move baby/child side to side)
  • Rain on the bus (using your hands make droplets onto baby/child’s head)
  • Horn on the bus (Splash hands, like a beeping horn)

💦 Playing with your Little Puddle the Duck

If you do want to take your little one to enjoy a swimming session, you need to come with a relaxed and open attitude. Our teachers and our fantastic pools ensure there is a fun and positive environment in which you can relax and bond with your little one for an hour out of your normal day.

You can also join Puddle Ducks at any time. If you would like to find out more or start your swimming journey as early as tomorrow then give us a call on 0161 883 0222  and a member of our lovely team will be happy to answer any queries and get your journey started.


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