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Our Stars of the Autumn Term 2018

We're feeling super festive as Christmas is fast approaching and another fantastic term is drawing to a close. We are delighted to announce our stars of this Autumn 2018 term. It has been a really tough choice for our teachers to nominate their super star swimmers, those children who they feel have really stood out in terms of their progress, determination or attitude. A super special thank you to Kimberley from Nourish Northern Mamas who had the difficult job of choosing the two winners. 

A huge thank you to all our SUPERSTARS, coming to class each week super motivated and working hard to improve your swimming skills! Well done to you all! 

Our WINNER from Baby and Pre-School is:

Owen – nominated by Sally 💦

"Owen has achieved lots in his Dippers class. Not everything came easy to him at first, but he has shown a great ability to stay with each task until it clicked for him. For example, we spent time perfecting his jumping, now he is doing the biggest and splashiest belly flop jumps without hesitation. His determination and fearlessness shone through, like a little “Guy Martin”. Overall Owen is a pleasure to swim with, always smiling and having fun whilst learning important life skills."

Our WINNER from Swim Academy is:

Lily Mai – nominated by Claire 💦

"For being truly amazing. Lily Mai started her journey with us nearly 9 months ago and during this time has grown from being very nervous in level 1 and clinging on to me from fear of falling off the woggles or getting her face wet to flying through level 1 where she achieved her 5m award and moved to level 2 in July.  Lily Mai has already achieved the 10m award during her short time in Level 2 and is absolutely smashing the criteria and is almost ready for level 3.  I have never seen such progress and achievements made in such a short time from a swimmer that was so nervous in the water when first starting.  She is a real dream to teach, taking all feedback onboard and implementing it straight away.  Lily Mai’s dad also needs a big mention as he closely observes what we do in the lessons every week and takes her swimming weekly to practice the different elements which has really contributed to Lily Mai being the amazing and confident little swimmer that she now is.  I’m so proud of her for all she’s achieved, and she is definitely my ‘Star of the Term’."

Our nominations and stars from Baby and Pre-School:

Santiago - nominated by Alexandra 💦

For his increased confidence in the water, it is now hard to keep his face out the water! Santiago has come along so much and is always comfortable smiling away each lesson.

Tom - nominated by Kirsty 💦

Although he has just moved into kickers, Tom really took it all in his stride and is taking all the new activities in. A few months ago, he wasn’t keen on putting his face in, or going under the water. However, with some encouragement from both me and Mum he has now overcome this and is back swimming like a fish, doing some lovely swims under the water. He always has a smile on his face and really brightens up my Thursdays.

Alex – nominated by Jo 💦

Alex came to me as a slightly nervous Splasher who did not like to put his face in the water, he loved the float but would rather just sit on it. 😊We have been working with Alex to slowly build his confidence and his trust in us in the water by getting his chin wet, then dipping his mouth into the water and by taking that approach, we now have a confident Kicker. Not only is he really happy in the water but he has been doing head down surface swims, will now happily jump from the float and he loves the activity where I throw him to dad with a big splash and I get a high 5 after it 🙌I'm so proud of how far Alex has come, it puts a big smile on my face when I see him enjoying himself so much!

Alexa – nominated by Jo 💦

Alexa has always been quite confident in the water and made a great transition from Kickers to Little Dippers. However, recently, she did take a little step backwards with her confidence, wanting to stay with mum on occasions and just wasn't the Alexa we were used to. By taking everything a step at a time, at Alexa's pace, she has now come out of the other side with more confidence that ever, swimming head down and now we have the challenge of keeping her above the water! Keep it up Alexa 😊

Sebastien – nominated by Sarah 💦

I first started teaching Sebastien earlier this year when he joined in Splashers and he has come such a long way.  He was very unsettled during his lessons and sometimes it would start from the moment he sat on the mat poolside to get in.  Both mum and dad have been brilliant in regard to working together and with me through a difficult and emotional journey with Sebastien however their perseverance has really paid off.

We have taken things very slowly and never forced or rushed anything during the lessons and just before a recent holiday Sebastien really started to relax and enjoy his lessons. I could really sense both mum and dad's relief and it was so rewarding to see.

Just before their holiday Sebastien's dad explained they were going to be doing lots of swimming on holiday and when they returned last week, wow you could definitely tell they had been.  Sebastien couldn't wait to get into the water for his first Kickers lesson and he did a fab job!

I'm really looking forward to continuing to teach Sebastien and see him progress on his Puddle Ducks journey :-)"

Florence – nominated by Claire 💦

Florence is such a lovely little girl who really wants to please both mum and I during her lessons and will try everything at least once.  Florence doesn’t like water going in her eyes but despite this she appears to love her swimming lessons and will join in all activities giving them her all. She has really progressed in developing all key skills in the water and will happily swim off on one or two woggles leaving mum behind.  She has blown me away with the trust she has built with me during this programme remaining completely relaxed during activities that can lead to submerging and allowing all of her face up to her eyes to submerge.  I’m so impressed with how much she engages and has progressed over the past few months and absolutely adore teaching her.  Florence has an amazing personality making my job even more fun that is already is.  My true little star!

Louis – nominated by Rachel 💦

Louis really deserves to be star of the term. He hasn’t always been a happy chappy in the water but myself and dad have worked with this and have been so patient with him in his lessons. This has finally paid off and Louis is really enjoying his time in the water now. He lets me take him for swims and he has started to do some brilliant independent jumps into the water. This is something we would never imagine him doing and I couldn’t be prouder.

Joel – nominated by Abby 💦

I previously taught Joel for a while until sadly he had to have a break due to a serious health issue but after fighting back, he started his journey again with me this term and it’s like he has never been away. I was over the moon when I found out he was coming back and considering Joel had a break and started back in the next class up for the first time he settled back in very quickly and it’s clear he hasn’t Forgot all the skills he previously learnt. He’s done some brilliant independent swims and is still as cheeky as ever! Him and mum are a pleasure to have in little dippers and he is a true inspiration 🌟


Our Swim Academy nominations and stars:

Sienna-Rose – nominated by Kirsty💦

Sienna-Rose has been unstoppable over the past few months and has really risen to the challenge of moving into level 2. Although she has anxiety, she doesn’t let this stop her from showing me and Abby what a super swimmer she is and each week she conquers a new fear. She is such a pleasure to teach and really puts 110% into every lesson! Well done Sienna-Rose, we are so proud of you!

Summer – nominated by Georgia 💦

Summer is such a super-duper little swimmer. She has worked so hard to get herself into her Level 3 class and has adapted and taken to her new classmates and me her new teacher really well. She is always up for a challenge be it answering questions poolside or perfecting her strokes, she always manages to put a smile and mine and Abby’s faces with her cheeky grin and always finishes her lessons with a big hug and thank you for everything she has learnt. I can’t wait to see her thrive in her new class and impress us even more. Summer you really are a superstar!

Theo – nominated by Rachel 💦

Theo has come so far in his swimming journey. He works his socks off in his lessons and this has paid off as he’s just recently moved up to level 2. He is a star pupil: the first to answer questions (we’ve even joked that he should be the teacher), he really listens and tries to improve in every single lesson. Theo is an absolute pleasure to teach and I am so proud of how far he has come.

Luca – nominated by Abby 💦

Luca has transformed into a brilliant swimmer and has really Picked up the technique for his front crawl and breaststroke the past couple of months. Luca struggled to pick up breastroke at first, but he’s turned into the one of the strongest in the class at this stroke after giving it his all every time we practice it. Each week his hand is up answering questions and he has really been focusing on doing his best. He keeps making me so proud and I’m really impressed with his dedication to reach Level 3. Well done Luca you are definitely a star to me! 🌟

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