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Are you our winner for the Star Swimmer, Autumn/Winter 2019 Award?

Christmas is fast approaching and with it, another fantastic term is drawing to a close. We are delighted to announce our Star Swimmer, Autumn/Winter 2019 award winners. It has been a really tough choice for our teachers to nominate their superstar swimmers, those children who they feel have really stood out in terms of their progress, determination and attitude. 

It was even harder for our lovely judge, Laura from Jo Jingles North East Cheshire to choose just two winners from all our fabulous anonymous nominations. 

Before we announce the two winners, we would like to say a HUGE thank you to all our SUPERSTARS who consistently come to class each week super motivated and working hard to improve their swimming skills. Well done to you all, we are all so proud. 

Our Star Swimmer Award winners are:

BPS: Phoebe– nominated by Claire 💦

This amazing little girl started as a baby in Floaties and a couple of months ago moved up to Splashers when she reached 6 months old.  She has always appeared happy and settled in the water and as soon as she discovered splashing and kicking she hasn't stopped since.  She smiles from start to finish and shows a natural love for the water, despite having had issues with her breathing in the past when she's swallowed water during the lesson.  Both Phoebe and her mummy have blown me away with their courage and belief in swimming which led them to continue with the lessons even though her breathing issues were upsetting for them both.  Phoebe is now one of very few Splashers who at her age chooses to put her face in the water at every opportunity and when given the signal puts her head straight in to the water and swims out of my hands.  Considering the issues she's faced already in the water, I'm amazed at just how much she loves being in the water and is totally fearless.  It just goes to show what can be accomplished with persistence and patience and both Phoebe and her mum more than deserve this award. 

Swim Academy: Freya – nominated by Claire 💦

This spectacular young lady was the first to enter my head for star swimmer as I really can't think of anyone that deserves it more.  I am so proud to nominate Freya for all her achievements during the short time she's been swimming with us.  Freya is such a lovely girl and is a real credit to her parents.  She started as a very nervous swimmer with a fear of the water.  Due to her overwhelming willingness to learn and sheer determination, not to mention her eagerness to please, within a few weeks she started to put her face in the water and build her confidence so quickly that within a couple of weeks she started swimming independently.  Once she realised support wasn't needed, Freya smashed the 5m distance award and achieved all the criteria for her very much deserved move to Level 2. Freya focuses so hard during every lesson regardless of what's going on around her and has shown her strength of facing her fears and battling to overcome them.  I have never been prouder or taught a swimmer that deserves this award more than Freya.  Well done Freya you are my star swimmer for sure and thank you for making my job so easy every week, it's an honour teaching you .  

Our nominations and stars from Baby and Pre-School:

Olive - nominated by Abby  💦

Olive is an absolute pleasure to teach and I find myself looking forward to our afternoon class on a Monday! She without a doubt gives me her best when it comes to showing me how amazing she is. I have noticed such a boost in her self confidence and her technique in all areas of her swimming, especially her head down swimming! I love her big smiles every week even more so, when she tries to kick me out of the pool during the warm up!!  I feel as though Olive has a lot to give and she is a secret dark horse and I can see this trickling out. Thank you Olive for making my job all the better every Monday!

Orlaigh - nominated by Jo 💦

Orlaigh is a little superstar swimmer, she may only be two years old but she brings bags of energy, confidence and personality to her lesson.  She is so happy before we even get in the pool and comes marching in beaming before the lesson. Orlaigh is in my first class of the morning and seeing her smiling at me across the circle the whole lesson sets my day up well. 😁 Not only does she brighten my day, but I can always rely on Orlaigh to help me out with a demo and do it beautifully.  She also makes me chuckle because quite often Orlaigh won’t do things for mum, such as face dips, but when I go round, she will do it so well with that big smile on her face. Orlaigh does beautiful swims, right on que, putting her head down and for all of these reasons, she is one of my star swimmers ⭐️

Phoebe- nominated by Becky 💦

I nominate Phoebe, who is a Dipper.  She is an amazing little swimmer who always listens to instructions and try’s her hardest. If she struggles with an activity you can see the determination in her face to overcome this.  Gorgeous little girl who always greets me with a smile.

Noah- nominated by Kirsty 💦

Noah has been on such a journey throughout his time with Puddle Ducks. He started as this shy little boy who didn’t like going under the water and has blossomed into this cheeky chappy who is always willing to give everything a go and it has been lovely to watch his confidence in the water grow! Watching children like Noah overcome challenges and activities they haven’t been sure of, is what makes this job so rewarding and enjoyable! Well done Noah!

Zachary - nominated by Sally 💦

As always it has been so hard to select the Star of the Term. There are so many strong swimmers, who are on their unique journey. I am really proud of you all. However, my Star of the Term is Zachary. Zachary has progressed so quickly. Not only achieving his 5m and developing a great technique, but also mastering some of the advanced skills also. Zachary always comes to the Dippers class with a big smile on his face and is ever ready to support me in demonstrations, he is my little Elf. Well done Zachary, keep up the great work!

Erin- nominated by Sally 💦

This term I have chosen Erin Wilson as Star of the Term. Erin has managed the transition to her new Kickers class and teacher at her own pace. Mum and Dad too deserve some recognition as they've supported Erin with a perfect mix of encouragement and knowing when to push her to understand her full potential, they are her No1 cheerleaders. Now Erin shines like the little firecracker she is, her chatiness and all round engagement in the lessons has been an inspiration. Erin also has the most beautiful synchronised kicking legs! Well done Erin, keep up the good work!

Lincoln- nominated by Sarah💦

Lincoln comes in every week with the biggest smile on his face! The difference in his confidence is second to none. He is always happy to do all of his lesson and he does with a smile on his face. I always have to try and stop him from smiling (which isn’t easy) so he can do his surface swim. He always expects a high five & fist bump after he has done his beautiful surface swims which puts the biggest smile on my face. It’s just so nice to watch a little one love and enjoy his swimming lesson as much as he does.

Carter - nominated by Jo💦

Carter joined us a couple of months ago as a very nervous little boy and we had a few weeks with tears which broke my heart.💔 Week after week, Carter comes along, building up his confidence and I can see this slowly growing.  In his last lesson, Carter blew me away.  He doesn’t like blowing bubbles but Carter and dad have been working on getting his chin in the water which is amazing, and he even pushed the ball with his nose! Carter went on to surprise me by loving cowboy rides and to top it all off, he walked down the float and jumped off!!! Carter has made such huge progress and Dad has been amazing being so patient. I am super proud of Carter and I’m so pleased that I get be on this journey with him and see his confidence soar 🤩 so he is one of my star swimmers ⭐️

Our nominations and stars from Swim Academy:

Cai- nominated by Georgia 💦

Cai, without hesitation is the very worthy receiver of my Star Swimmer nomination! A truly wonderful little boy whose lively personality can illuminate any room he is in, a heart warmer than our 33.4 degree pool here at Aqua Nurture and the impeccable swimming ability to match. A master in the art of treading water and lead vocalist during the closing song each week, hitting all of the right notes with me! Cai has a clear affinity with water and has a natural ability to swim like a fish, in fact I would even call him my super STAR-fish! Not only does Cai continue to better his swims each week through sheer determination of his own, but his willingness to help his peers thrive within lessons is a virtue that as his teacher, I am incredibly proud to have present in my class. His swimming journey has proceeded to amaze both his teachers as well as Dad, who champions his sons successes, of which there are many, landing him the much deserved spot in my Level 2 class on Tuesday, where he continues to flourish and develop his fins even further! To this daring diver, brave back push and glider, brilliant breastroker and fantastic front crawler my Star Swimmer nomination is proudly awarded to you, thank you for being an amazing participant to any class you are in and a lovely contribution to my experience as a teacher. Well done Cai!

Jesse - nominated by Abby 💦

I have had the pleasure of teaching Jesse from day 1 at Puddle Ducks and he is one of my longest standing swimmers that I have had the pleasure of watching grow throughout each program! He is nearly taller than me which he kindly points out most lessons!!! I can’t help but get passionate when I teach him and he gives me the biggest reward watching him master the challenges I give him every week! He keeps blowing me away with his technique and effort especially in breastroke practices where he really does shine! Most of all Jesse is my star swimmer because he is just amazing! Although cheeky at times that is what I enjoy the most about his personality, we’ve made such a special bond over the years, one that I will never forget. Thank you Jesse for keeping me on my toes every week and always making me laugh or putting a smile on my face and just to confirm you are the best at breaststroke. 😋🌟

Megan - nominated by Mel 💦

Megan is an absolute star student! She turns up each week ready to learn and improve her swimming, which I must say is beautiful. She takes every correction, listens careful to what she is asked to do and gives 110% week after week. If she doesn’t get something right the first time, she will try and try until it’s perfect. 

Rhys - nominated by Kirsty 💦

 Rhys is such a special young boy who brightens up any room he walks into. Any time I’m having a bad day, as soon as he walks in and shows me his cheeky smile I instantly feel better. Rhys can sometimes find certain activities harder than some of the other children in his class but does he let that stop him? No, he still gives it 110% every, single time and it is so rewarding to see him progress that little bit further each week. I think everyone could be a bit more like Rhys at times, and that is why he is my star swimmer.

Layla - nominated by Sarah 💦

I only started teaching Swim Academy in September and it was a pleasure watching Layla grow so quickly. When I started, she was quite nervous and was always cautious putting her face in the water. She has now smashed Level 1. Her swim alignment and turning is fantastic. You can see the concentration on her face and the determination. I have been so impressed with her and loved watching her grow. I’m sure she will be fabulous in Level 2!

Liam - nominated by Megan 💦

Liam has been dedicated to his progress in swimming this year. He rarely misses lessons and never wants to get out at the end. He really shows us how much he loves to swim and whenever he does something new, he tries his absolute hardest to do it perfect. When I started teaching Liam, he wouldn’t put his face in and always held on to me during a swim. But now he’s so so close to getting his 5m. I am so proud of his progress and he should be too.

Isabella - nominated by Megan 💦

 Isabella is such a character to teach. She giggles throughout the whole lesson every week and always makes us smile. She started off being very shy but over the past year, her confidence has shot up and she’s been doing amazing! She has been working so hard, taking on corrections and making the changes she needs. She’s such a pleasure to teach and with all the progress she’s made this year, she should be so proud of herself!

Michael - nominated by Mel 💦

Michael’s only been with us one term since September, but the difference in his swimming is amazing! He brightens up my day with his infectious smile and works super super hard in every single class. Every week he strives to be better than he was the week before and the hard work is certainly paying off! He’s gone from being a non-swimmer to swimming independently all within a term! 

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