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Star Swimmers, Summer 2019 Award Winners!

The Summer holidays are here and another fantastic term has drawn to a close. We are delighted to announce our Star Swimmer, Summer 2019 award winners. It has been a really tough choice for our teachers to nominate their superstar swimmers, those children who they feel have really stood out in terms of their progress determination and attitude. We would like to especially give a super special thank you to Nicola from Moo Music Tameside & Glossop who had the extremely difficult job of choosing just two winners from all our fabulous anonymous nominations. .

A huge thank you to all our SUPERSTARS, coming to class each week super motivated and working hard to improve your swimming skills! Well done to you all!

Our Star Swimmers, Summer 2019 winners are:

BPS: Tadhg – nominated by Claire 💦

Tadhg joined me as a baby in ‘Floaties’ where he and his mummy and daddy took full advantage of the special bonding time this class promotes He is now in ‘Splashers’ and oh boy does he understand the meaning of the title….he splashes and kicks non- stop during every lesson making sure that he and everyone around him gets a good soaking.  Tadhg is such an adorable little boy who from the first time he joined the class and consistently to date shows his love for the water, he continually smiles and laughs during his time in the pool and seems to enjoy every single activity.  Shortly after his move into ‘Splashers’ Tadhg found his voice and don’t we all know it, every week for almost the full half hour he chunners in his own little language as happy as Larry and sounds likes he’s repeating my instructions to his peers in ‘Splashers’ language. I know I can always rely on Tadhg to come to me for demonstrations and regardless of the activity he will always help give the perfect demo.  His bubbles are second to none and during face dips’’ demonstrations it ends up me copying him as he always manages to dip his face in the water before I get chance.  He is an absolute dream to teach and total Superstar, keeping myself, his daddy and the rest of the group thoroughly entertained.  Tadhg is definitely my Star Swimmer and my Friday mornings wouldn’t be the same without him. 

Swim Academy: Isaiah – nominated by Georgia  💦

It would be extremely difficult to not nominate Isaiah (Say) as my Star Swimmer! Not only is he an amazing contribution to my Level 2 class on Tuesdays but he is also a lovely, kind presence to be around. Isaiah never fails to make us as teachers, as well as his class mates smile from ear to ear each week. He began his swimming journey with me and Rachel very nervous but excited to jump out of his comfort zone and into our warm and welcoming pool at Aqua Nurture. On a weekly basis me and Isaiah would have pep talks in the coffee shop about his progress in lessons and areas we could improve on whether it was initially leaving the platform in Level 1 to now how he can strive to achieve his 10m. Before his big move up into his new Level, Isaiah became restless and struggled to maintain concentration after a long day at school which was essential to help him be the successful swimmer he is today. Together we found out what motivates Isaiah to be the best swimmer he possibly can be (even if this does mean Grandma has to buy gingerbread ducks after lessons). Isaiah now swims like a fish, is the first into the pool and the last to leave, has the loudest singing voice during our closing song, and is my mini me helping to give instructions and feedback during lessons. Thank you for being not only the remarkable swimmer you are but also the fantastic contribution to my experience as a teacher. Well done Isaiah!  

Our nominations and stars from Baby and Pre-School:

Jacob - nominated by Abby  💦 

Jacob is my BPS star swimmer because he has given me so much pleasure watching him grow through his swimming journey! I have watched him smash each level he has moved into and Dippers was his biggest challenge as not only was he in a new class but he moved pool, days and times. His technique and confidence has shot through the roof the last few months in dippers and no matter what challenge I throw at Jacob he gives it his all! He came to trial his first swim academy class and it was like he had always been in the water without mum. He was amazing. I feel lucky that I get to now see him transition into swim academy and that I get to watch him flourish even more. His big smile always brightens my day and I am so proud of him and mum for the dedication and enthusiasm they bring every single week! He is a superstar and I am very lucky to be his teacher!  😀⭐️

Raphael – nominated by Jo 💦 

I would like to nominate Raph for Star Swimmer as he has had such a huge journey since he started with us last year and has made such huge progress these last couple of months. For a long time, he would not put his face in the water but since the addition of his magic goggles (which took many forms 😊) he cannot keep his face out of the water, which is so amazing to see. We did go through a small phase when putting his face in, Raph liked to hold his nose, but that was short lived and now he is so close to becoming a Dipper!! Raph is such a lovely little boy to teach, you never hear a peep out of him and he is obviously just taking everything in to help him be the best swimmer.

Curtis – nominated by Jo 💦

I nominate Curtis for Star Swimmer because he is a delight to have in class. Curtis started back with us a few months ago and he is the happiest little boy and tries his best with every activity. I love how much he cheers and laughs throughout the lessons and cheers everyone on when we’re doing walking down the float. 😁

Eva – nominated by Kirsty 💦 

Eva and I have been on a journey together for the past few years, she was in my first class when I qualified as a teacher and she’s still in my class to this day. Eva has had some wobbles over the past few years, there has been times when she’s not wanted to come to me and just stay with mum, there’s been times where she’s not wanted to put her face in the water and there’s been times when she’s not wanted to come in the pool altogether. However, no matter what hurdle comes our way, she always overcomes it and if saw her now you would never know she had any issues as she is now the most beautiful little independent swimmer. She has gone from strength to strength and I am so proud of how far she has come. Soon the time will be coming where she leaves my class to go to Swim Academy and I’m going to be so sad to see her go but I can’t wait for her to show her new teacher just how much she can do! 

Our nominations and stars from Swim Academy:

Aubree – nominated by Abby 💦 

Aubree is my swim academy star swimmer as no matter how hard we work her or how tricky something is, she never stops smiling and she never gives up! She has transitioned into swim academy so well and I love seeing just how much she enjoys it every week! I love her cheekiness and no matter the activity she always gets stuck in and tries her best. She is an absolute pleasure to teach and I can’t help but smile when she’s in the water. 😁⭐

Seth – nominated by Megan 💦 

I’m nominating Seth because he is such a brave young little man. He’s come such a long way this year and has done some amazing things in swimming. His confidence has grown so much and he should feel really proud.

Matthew – nominated by Megan 💦 

I’m nominating Matthew because he has a passion for swimming. He is so determined, and I love to hear about what he’s been practicing on holiday. He really really loves swimming and he simply is great at it. He enjoys every lesson and his behaviour is impeccable. 

Darcey – nominated by Kirsty 💦 

Darcey is a beautiful little swimmer and is the pupil that every teacher dreams to have. She listens to every correction you give her and really tries her hardest to correct herself and aims to have the best technique possible! She may be the youngest and the smallest in her class but she doesn’t let that stop her, she is a little pocket rocket and she zooms through the water with the most gorgeous alignment! I look forward to seeing her and her cheeky smile in lesson every week, it really brightens up my Monday’s! 

Enola – nominated by Claire 💦 

Enola Curtis has to be my ‘Star Swimmer’ for swim academy.  She has only been with us a few months and during her first few lessons tears would roll down her cheeks as she sat and sobbed on the poolside before entering the water.  She is so shy and nervous of new surroundings but due to her amazing little sense of humour it would only be about 10 minutes into the lesson before she started smiling and giggling and showing just how confident she is in the pool.  Enola has swam with her face in since her first lesson and loved how it shocked and amazed me the very first time she did it.  She gives 100% every single week and loves to please her teachers by continually progressing.  Enola was only a few weeks into lessons when she no longer needed support during any activities as her confidence and determination to be independent had grown and she has recently gained her 5m distance award which is a massive achievement in such a short time.  She has the cheekiest smile and makes my job a breeze with her continual willingness to learn and improve.  I am so, so proud of Enola for everything she’s achieved whilst she’s been with us and I can’t tell you how much I adore her cheeky, fun and sweet personality…..she’s definitely my little Superstar!

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