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What made our customers choose Puddle Ducks?

A recent survey of our customers said the main reason they chose to swim with Puddle Ducks is for 'water safety and personal survival skills.'

Why Choose Puddle Ducks?

In a recent survey, 89% of our customers said they chose ‘water safety and personal survival skills’ as the reason they chose to join Puddle Ducks lessons.

Drowning is the fifth leading cause of accidental death in 5-9 year-olds in Europe and the sixth leading cause for 1-4 year-olds. As children get older and more mobile their vulnerability around water increases, babies who are not yet mobile and dependent on the person looking after them can drown very quickly and in very little water (so little we may not perceive it to be a risk) such as a bucket, bowl or toilet. Toddlers and children who are more mobile but not as aware of the risks of their surroundings or not yet physically able to pull themselves out of the water are also at risk especially around paddling pools, ponds, rivers, pools etc.

Every year Puddle Ducks hold 3 Pyjama Weeks, and during these weeks children (and their carers!) are encouraged to wear their pyjamas to lessons.  Pyjama week lessons are dedicated to instilling core personal survival skills, all while having lost of fun in our pyjamas! Wearing pyjamas in the pool allows little ones to feel what it would be like to be in water with the extra weight of clothes and how different it feels  It also gives the opportunity to carry out movements such as kicking to the surface, turning in the water, reaching, holding on and navigating their way to safety.

During our October ‘Pyjama Week’ we raise money for our partnered charity Children’s Hospital Pyjamas, a charity providing pyjamas to babies and children in hospital who may not have access to a pair of pyjamas,  only a hospital gown, giving these children pyjamas provides some comfort at a time of hardship. Last year we are very proud to say the £1095 we raised provided pyjamas to the following local hospitals: Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, Stepping Hill Hospital, Tameside Hospital, Wythenshawe Hospital and Francis House Hospice.  

Did you know?

84% of drownings in the UK, occur inland near rivers, canals and lakes

83% of drowning in the UK occur when there is the absence of an adult

71% of drownings in the UK occur between May and August

2022 saw a 46% increase in the number of child drownings in the UK compared to the 5 year average

Personal Survival Skills

Teaching babies and children valuable lifesaving skills is at the core of Puddle Ducks lessons, with these essential skills threaded throughout our lessons each week but done in a way that they think they are having fun, playing, enjoying songs and spending time with the adult in the pool with them.

Many of our activities develop the skills needed to reach safety if the worse was to happen such as, reaching, holding on, turning, some examples are:

Cowboy Rides – this fun activity (which is as much fun for the adult as the child) is all about holding on to an adult back, but also reaching a point of safety and holding onto the wall.

Monkey Walking – this activity is all about holding onto the wall and moving along the wall to a point where it is safe to exit.

Chasing a duck or toy around the pool – this activity is something even our youngest babies do, encouraging them to reach for a toy or duck is starting to get them used to the movement of reaching for something which will develop into reaching for the wall or a point of safety.



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