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Meet the team at Puddle Ducks Greater Manchester!

Our Team

  • Suzanne & Gary

    Suzanne & Gary


    Suzanne and Gary Horton enjoyed their careers as
    legal professionals until, following the birth of their
    second child, they discovered that their traditional
    roles didn’t leave enough time for family life. So, in
    2011, they bought the Greater Manchester franchise. The
    business now teaches swimming to over 1,000
    children every week from four local pools, including
    their very own family swim centre Aqua Nurture. The
    couple sit at the helm of a thriving business that has
    family life at its heart.

  • Abby


    Head of Teaching

    Abby joined the team in 2015 as a Baby & Pre-School and Swim Academy Teacher.  After several years as a Senior Teacher, Abby was promoted to Head of Teaching for the Greater Manchester franchise in 2023 after returning from her maternity leave. 

    As Head of Teaching, Abby oversees the teaching team, ensuring standards are maintained at the highest level. Abby loves sharing her knowledge not just with the children and parents but with all of our new Puddle Ducks teachers.  Abby trains, develops and assesses our new and existing teachers to make sure all our Puddle Ducks teachers deliver first class lessons week in, week out.

    When she's not teaching in the pool, you'll see Abby enjoying lessons with her son who loves the water just as much as his mummy!

  • Kirsty


    Senior Teacher

    Kirsty joined the team in 2016 as a Baby and Pre-School and Swim Academy Teacher, before progressing to the role of Senior Teacher in the franchise. Kirsty loves sharing her technical knowledge not just with the children and parents, but with all of our new Puddle Ducks teachers. Although Kirsty no longer teaches regular weekly classes, you'll see her covering lessons throughout the year, and supporting and observing our other teachers to ensure our high standards are being delivered. 

  • Jo


    Baby & Pre-School Senior Teacher & Customer Care Assistant

    Jo has always had a passion for swimming, which made her the perfect fit to join our team. Jo began her journey as a Puddle Ducks customer before taking the plunge during her maternity leave and training to become a baby and pre-school teacher.  Jo has great presence in the pool and technical knowledge of our programme, and has been teaching our lessons since 2017.

    Jo is deeply passionate about helping others develop their skills when mentoring newer team members who join us by sharing her extensive knowledge. 

    "Being a Baby and Pre-School swimming teacher is such a rewarding job! It's amazing to see my little swimmers build their confidence in the water and go from splashing their grown ups, to turning those splashing hands into paddling arms and swimming independently. It's so special and I feel privileged to be part of their journey and see them move through the programmes from Floaties, all the way up to a Dippers class. There's nothing better to brighten your day than a class of children all smiling back at you!"

    You'll find Jo in the pool at Aqua Nurture on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and at Reddish Vale on Sundays.  Jo also works in our office on Mondays and Fridays, dealing with all your phone calls, e-mails and enquiries. 

  • Trish


    Baby & Pre-School Teacher

    Trish joined us as a baby and pre-school teacher in 2021 after working as a paramedic for 20 years and wanting a complete change of career direction, but in one that her skills are nicely transferrable.

    Trish loves her role and seeing all of her swimmers each day.  She says her job doesn’t really feel like a job! “I come in and have fun every day with my classes full of smiling children!”

    Trish teaches at Aqua Nurture on Thursday and Sunday afternoons, and also on Friday mornings. 

  • Nicole


    Baby & Pre-School Teacher

    Nicole teaches our Baby & Pre-School classes at Aqua Nurture.  She began her Puddle Ducks journey as a parent, where she fell in love with our classes before joining our team in 2022.  Nicole jumped at the chance of training to become a teacher when the opportunity came up.

    Nicole says “I’ve always loved bringing my two girls to Puddle Ducks lessons and love the relationship and trust they have built with their teacher.  I’m really looking forward to building these relationships with the children in my classes and watching their development.”

    Nicole teaches Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays at Aqua Nurture. 

  • Katie


    Baby & Pre-School & Swim Academy Teacher

    Katie joined us with vast experience of working with children and qualified as a baby and pre-school teacher after joining the team in 2021.  Earlier in 2023 Katie also completed her Swim Academy training and now teaches both programmes. 


    Katie believes that to be able to teach children valuable skills and to have fun at the same time is the most rewarding career you could wish for. Katie teaches our baby and pre-school lessons on Monday and Wednesday afternoons at Aqua Nurture. You'll also see Katie teaching midweek Swim Academy lessons at Aqua Nurture and at Wright Robinson on Sundays. 

  • Holly


    Baby & Pre-School Teacher

    Holly has always enjoyed swimming, and she fell in love with our baby and pre-school classes after attending as a customer with her daughter.  Holly qualified as a baby and pre-school teacher in 2022.

    Holly has gone on to build busy classes with happy customers.  Holly says “Since starting my teaching journey it has been amazing watching my swimmers grow in confidence and seeing their achievements each week.  I love working for such a supportive team, and seeing the joy on the children’s faces when they master a new skill in their lessons.”

    Holly teaches on Mondays and Fridays at Y Club, and Saturdays at Aqua Nurture.

  • Stacey


    Baby & Pre-School & Swim Academy Teacher

    Stacey joined the team as a baby and pre-school teacher and adores her role.  Earlier in 2023 Stacey also completed her Swim Academy training and now teaches both programmes. Stacey says “As a parent I know how important it is for children to be able to swim and feel confident in the water. One of my favourite things in swimming lessons is seeing the amazing progress and confidence the children gain from them.  Swimming lessons aren’t just about learning to swim, they’re about water safety, confidence and also making friends along the way!”

    Stacey teaches at Aqua Nurture on Monday and Friday afternoons, Tuesday evenings and Sunday mornings, although she is currently on her maternity leave following her little boy's arrival in November 2023.

  • Mel


    Baby & Pre-School & Swim Academy Teacher

    Mel joined the team back in 2019 as a Swim Academy Teacher and then went on to qualify as a Baby and Pre-School Teacher.  After a short break away from teaching in 2023, Mel returned to the team and now teaches our Baby & Pre-School classes on Sunday mornings at Aqua Nurture, and midweek Swim Academy lessons at Aqua Nurture.  Mel is very passionate about her role and loves watching her swimmers progress through the programme.  

  • Georgia


    Swim Academy Senior Teacher

    Georgia joined the team as a Poolside Assistant, then went on to qualify to teach Swim Academy in 2019. In 2023 Georgia took the next step in her teaching journey and was appointed as Senior Teacher for Swim Academy Greater Manchester.  As part of this role, Georgia supports and mentors our teaching team to ensure that our high standards are maintained consistently. 

    Georgia is an excellent teacher whose ability to interpret and understand her swimmers’ needs is second to none, she loves teaching and this shows in a big way.

    Georgia says "I love getting to know the individual personalities of my swimmers and gaining their trust.  I find it so rewarding watching my swimmers progress and overcome their fears, and watching them blossom into confident swimmers!"

  • Katie


    Swim Academy Teacher

    Katie is a new Swim Academy teacher who joined us in 2023 after a career change, and is already a firm favourite with her swimmers! Katie's love of teaching comes from swimming at Puddle Ducks with her son.

    Katie says "I love to watch the confidence the children gain and the progression they make, it makes the job so worthwhile".

    Katie teaches weeknights at Aqua Nurture and Sundays at Wright Robinson. 

  • Paula


    Franchise Manager

    Paula joined the team as Customer Care Manager in 2017 following a career change, and was promoted to Franchise Manager in 2023. 

    She is responsible for all day to day operations at Puddle Ducks Greater Manchester as well as overseeing the marketing and customer care team and managing our pool relationships.  Her two young children have swam in both programmes so she knows the classes very well!

    You will sometimes find Paula at the end of an email or call, always happy to help and advise you.

    She wants to make every Customer feel a part of the Puddle Ducks Family, so why not follow us on Instagram and Facebook for all of the latest news?

  • Rachael


    Customer Care Assistant

    Rachael works in the Puddle Ducks office four days per week dealing with all of your phone calls, e-mails and enquiries. 

    You will more than often hear Rachael's happy smiley voice at the end of the phone when you call the office and she is always more than happy to help!

  • Pam


    Financial Controller

    Pam has been with us since 2016 and looks after all of the accounts and financial business in the Franchise. She's a very valued member of the team. 

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