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How much are lessons at Puddle Ducks Lancashire?

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Baby and pre-school lessons at Puddle Ducks Lancashire cost between £14 and £14.50 per lesson. Swim academy lessons cost between £14 and £14.75 per lesson

Your initial fee paid when joining will be for 10 x the lesson fee. Your subsequent monthly
payments, on the 2nd of the month, will only be a maximum of 4 x the
lesson fee. The first of these regular monthly payments will be taken on the second monthly
payment date occurring after your initial payment.
If you have any credits on your account at the time a payment is due e.g. cancelled lesson credit or
remaining Gift Voucher balance, they will be used to reduce the actual amount taken that month. If
you have 10 or more lessons paid for in any month, no payment will be taken.
Twice a year, in January and August, we take a balancing payment.
What is a Balancing Payment?
As there are weeks during the year when we don't swim, in January and August we replace your
regular monthly payment with a Balancing Payment to make sure you are never paying for too many
lessons in advance. These payments will never be more than your regular monthly payment of 4 x
your lesson fee and may well be less, depending on how many lessons you already have in the bank!
• If you have paid for 7 lessons or more in advance - no payment is made
• If you have paid for 6 lessons in advance, payment is taken for 1 lesson
• If you have paid for 5 lessons in advance, payment is taken for 2 lessons
• If you have paid for 4 lessons in advance, payment is taken for 3 lessons
• If you have paid for 3 lessons or less in advance, payment is taken for 4 lessons
• You will never pay for more than 4 lessons in a balancing month
You will receive a detailed monthly payment schedule via email when you first join. We will then
send you an updated schedule twice a year in January and August when we take Balancing Payments
and also at any time your child moves class.
You can also view your payment schedule at any time via your ‘My Puddle Ducks’ account.

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