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So what is it really like being a Floatie?

Welcoming a new baby into the family can be both a magical and daunting time. Apart from eagerly awaiting holding your baby in your arms, there is an endless list of things to prepare for when you bring your new-born home. Teacher Mark knows this feeling well after welcoming to the world our newest team member... Baby Chester! Born 22nd January 2023.

Along with all the usually baby essentials, house preparations and all important baby planning teacher Mark, his wife Lydia and big brother Lincoln wanted to make sure Chester loved the water as much as they do.

Chester was introduced to the wonderful world that is Puddle Ducks as soon as possible, bringing him along for his first class at just 2.5 weeks of age. Mark knew first hand that babies have a natural affinity with the water and that our programme gently nurtures this, building confidence, both in the child and often the parent. Our programme allows babies, even at this early age, to make choices about how and when they put their faces in the water and is a bonding experience like no other. 

Baby Chester immediately began enjoying his time at Puddle Ducks, and in his first week experienced floating on his back and had a chance to practice his "Big Breath Bubbles". Daddy Mark was of course on hand for lots of cuddles and that all important skin to skin contact to help Chester relax in the water.

Babies can be taken swimming from birth, they do not need to have completed their injections and very young babies love the freedom, massage and gentle exercise that the water offers. After Chester's first 30 minute session he went home for a well deserved nap. Needless to say, week one in the pool was a complete success.
After a few weeks Chester had begun to settle into his new environment, enjoying classes with Daddy and beginning to build a real affinity with the water. Home life was busy and Daddy Mark had returned to teach his classes at Puddle Ducks Merseyside.

Chester has tried lots of different activities in class and has become a fan of Little Harbour. Little Harbour focuses on your baby being upright in the water, concentrating on hand and arm movements. Practising  Little Harbour gave Chester a chance to look around the pool with Daddy, giving Mark the chance to show Chester how to splash, and in the coming weeks Chester will start to copy and splash on his own. Arm movements do not come as naturally in the pool as leg movements do so we need to encourage our Floaties to use their hands and arms. By using this position, we can introduce little splashes with our hands. Splashing turns to paddling and paddling turns to swimming!

We can not wait to hear what comes next for Chester and his swimming journey...
To join us contact our team today and start your amazing bonding journey with Puddle Ducks 0151 921 7070.


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