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Meet the Team

  • Teacher Nicky

    Teacher Nicky

    Head of Teaching and Baby Pre-School Teacher

    Meet Nicky…

    Nicky has been a much loved member of our Puddle Ducks family for over 10 years and has enjoyed every minute! Nicky first found Puddle ducks when taking her niece to one of our classes. Nicky was amazed that her niece who was just 5 months old absolutely loved it and Nicky did too right form that very first lesson! At the time Nicky was a fulltime secondary school teacher teaching PE and Child development; but a few years later when she felt ready for a  new challenge Nicky applied to Puddle ducks! luckily for us. Now Head of Teaching for our Merseyside Franchise with a L3 Diploma in Aquatic Teaching for Baby & Pre School years, Nicky is wholly responsible our amazing Technical team, ensuring not only are all their qualifications up to date but that the team constantly deliver the very best lessons with the most up to date techniques across all our pools and classes. 

    Nicky said "I love being in the water and having fun, our little ones make my day, I love to see them enjoying the water as much as I do. Right from seeing a floatie and their grown up relax, to hearing a Dipper say, "I did it all by myself". I love to watch them develop, take on challenges and grow into confident little swimmers".

    If you are luckily enough to have Nicky as your Teacher, we know you will not only benefit from her technical knowledge but her caring and relaxed manner

  • Teacher Mark

    Teacher Mark

    Baby Pre-School Teacher

    Meet Mark...

    Teacher Mark fell in love with Puddle Ducks after he started swimming with his first born son Lincoln at the age of 4 months and he is now also a customer with Lincoln’s little brother Baby Chester. Mark loves both the fun and educational aspects of each lesson and admired the bond that Lincoln developed with his teacher; this was the inspiration for Mark to take the plunge and apply for a position as a Baby Pre-School Swim Teacher within the Merseyside franchise .
    After training to teach Mark soon became a popular member of the team and has extensive knowledge of all our Baby & Pre School programmes.

    Mark said "I love the fact that we are teaching all of our swimmers a wonderful life skill, including water safety and personal survival skills which could make all the difference if any of our swimmers were ever to fall into water (touch wood this never happens) all whilst having lots of fun. Educational and fun! What’s not to love".

    If you have Mark as you Teacher, we know you will enjoy every moment, developing a lifelong love of water for both yourself and your little one.

  • Teacher Pat

    Teacher Pat

    Baby & Pre-School Teacher

    Meet Pat...

    Pat has always loved the water and joining the Puddle Ducks family seemed a natural choice when she wanted a change of career direction back in 2014.

    Before joining our team, Pat was an early year’s teacher, teaching nursery reception and Y1. Pat has not only worked in the UK but also in Australia and Abu Dhabi. Before joining Puddle Ducks Pat ran extracurricular swimming clubs and entered her swimmers into lots of competitions locally and nationally alongside her role in the education system.

    Pat said "I love the interaction with the children and their parents and am in awe of the progressions that the children make. I am also very interested in Early Childhood development. My most favourite activity is belly flop splashes. I love the look on the parents faces when they are hit by a tidal wave of water, even though I do warn them of what will happen".

    If you have Pat as your Teacher, we know you find the classes not only great fun but full of educational progressions.

  • Teacher Sarah

    Baby & Pre-School Teacher

    Meet Sarah…


    Sarah began her Puddle Ducks journey as a customer after researching the best swim school to attend with her son Harrison.  Sarah loved her lessons with teacher Mark so much that she had a chat with him in splash time saying, “I would love to do this job” and he told her everything she needed to begin on her journey to the “best job in the world” Sarah was working full time in a nursery and looking after 3 children at the weekend, but took the plunge and began her training to become a baby pre-school swim instructor. Before Puddle Ducks Sarah qualified in Criminal Justice and got a BA hons degree in children and young peoples practice, working in nurseries for over 10 years.

    Sarah officially qualified in July 2023 and has loved every minute since. Sarah is proud to say she is a Puddle Ducks teacher “I love seeing everyone smiling during my classes, this makes me smile as I know I’m doing the right job! I feel that listening to instructions is a vital part of childhood development and learning to listen to instructions in and out of the water is an important skill babies and children need to learn, which is why Puddle Ducks is the perfect choice”

    If you are luckily enough to have Sarah as your Teacher, we know you will enjoy every moment in class, learning from a truly wonderful swim instructor.

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