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Melissa is Star Teacher Autumn 2021!

Great praise for our Star teacher this Autumn!

Melissa was absolutely delighted to be chosen as Star Teacher Autumn 2021 after being selected independently by James from Sticky Paws. All nominations were sent to James anonymously and James said -

"Reading through them all, they all seem fantastic however this one stood out to me. In my view there can’t be more terrifying scenarios than taking only a 7-week-old child into a pool especially as a Grandparent! To show that she has all the knowledge needed, to so easily put the Grandparent's fears to bed, show time and care has been put in with these guys. Finally, to top it off making it the highlight of someone’s week really shows how much of an impression this person has made given the sessions are only half an hour!"

The winning nomination really gives an insight into how into how great Melissa's lesson's are - 

“I would like to nominate Melissa at Barons Quay for this award.

Although I have only recently started swimming lessons with my grandson, Max who is 7 weeks old, Mel has made me feel completely at ease, is very clear in her instructions and offers different ways to convey instructions.

The half hour session is very well run, the techniques are great and easy to pick  up and she is very knowledgeable in 'all things baby', as well as having a lovely singing voice.

Being a grandmother, I entered the pool for the first time with a great deal of trepidation, but she was very quick to put me at ease, and very patient as I struggled to hold Max in the correct positions, and she conveys a great air of calm, as well as understanding of the needs of babies.

Wednesdays are the highlight of my week, and I am so lucky to be able to enjoy this time with my grandson, whilst learning vital life saving and life enhancing skills in the pool.”

We are so proud of all our teachers here at Puddle Ducks Mid Cheshire. The training they are given, really is the best in the business and awards such as Star Teacher chosen by the swimmers, really gives them the credit they fully deserve.

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