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Meet the team

Find out more about our brilliant Mid Cheshire team - both in and out of the pool!

  • Rach B

    Rach B

    Franchise Manager

    Rachel started her career as a Bluecoat at Pontins in Somerset – mainly singing and dancing!! After that, she did something completely different and went to work for a bank!  After starting on the tills, she worked her way up to area manager and was there 21 years! When she had her two children she decided she wanted a change of career – she had always taken her girls swimming, so when a job with Puddle Ducks came up, she jumped at the chance. Starting out in the office she is now our fabulous Mid Cheshire Franchise Manager and absolutely loves it!

  • Rach G

    Rach G

    Office Manager

    Another Rachel who also came from a bank, Rachel G (as we call her) is one of our lovely Customer Care Advisors. She has two children, Isabel and Matthew. As well as taking care of our lovely customers, she also orders all of our equipment.

    You will more than often hear Rachel's happy smiley voice at the end of the phone when you call the office and she is always more than happy to help!

  • Lindsay


    Local Marketing Manager

    Lindsay joined us back in October 2019 having spent the last five years running her own After school club for 6-13 year olds and prior to that, spending 20 years in marketing and advertising roles across the UK.


    Both her children swam with Puddle Ducks from 9 weeks old and subsequently Swim Academy and when the opportunity came up to join the team it was the perfect fit!

    Lindsay oversees all the marketing and communications for Mid Cheshire and makes the best coffee!


  • Lois



    Lois joined Puddle Ducks as our Receptionist at Barons Quay when they opened in Aug 2021. Prior to that she was a Senior Receptionist at a Conveyancing Firm and then took a year off to have her little girl Bonnie who is now 3. When she is not welcoming customers or singing songs, Lois loves to visit the Lake District with her family.

  • Nici


    Head of Teaching

    Nici started working for us in 2007. After taking time out to have two of her three children, she was introduced to Puddle Ducks, starting as a Poolside assistant, she soon qualified to teach at all levels and is now the North West Regional Technical Manager for Puddle Ducks Head Office! Nici loves sharing her knowledge not just with the children and parents but with all of our new Puddle Ducks teachers.

    Nici also holds her Silver Cross in open water swimming and has 3 girls who love swimming and have aspirations to teach themselves, in fact one of her daughters Sasha is now a qualified Swim Academy teacher!




  • Melanie



    13 years ago Mel moved in next door to her Puddle Ducks teacher, who persuaded her to become a teacher too and she absolutely loves it! Her three daughters all swam at Puddle Ducks - two of whom have gone on to join swimming clubs and one who now works at Barons Quay! Mel loves open water swimming and teaches many of our Baby & Pre-school classes here in Mid Cheshire! She is now a Senior BPS teacher and recently qualified as a Puddle Ducks program assessor!

  • Kirsty



    Kirsty is a Mum of two little girls, and has been a teacher at Puddle Ducks for just over six years after bringing her little girl to swimming lessons at Puddle Ducks and thinking what a brilliant job it would be!

    She love's her role so much, she says it doesn't feel like work and she thrives on seeing the children progress and achieve so much under her brilliant teaching!     

    Kirsty says "She has the best job in the world!"


  • Mel



    Mel decided to become a swimming teacher after being involved in competitive swimming from the age of 7. When she turned 16 she began her journey to gain her teaching qualifications and she hasn't looked back since! After finishing her A levels she began a full time job as a swimming teacher.

    She joined Puddle Ducks in March 2019 and she says it was the best decision she has ever made.

    Mel says "I love the community and family feel to the company and that support is                                      provided at every part of the journey"

    "My favourite thing about the job is seeing the happiness and surprise on a child's face when they realise they have achieved something which they never thought they could do"

    In her spare time Mel enjoys keeping fit, with her favourite activities being CrossFit and Climbing. 

  • Dawn



    Dawn started with us as a Baby & Pre-school teacher in 2011 and feels such enjoyment and fulfilment from teaching and witnessing a nervous little swimmer grow into a confident swimmer who now shouts 'more' when a jumping activity is coming to an end! 


  • Sam



    Sam is a busy lady! She is a Swim Academy teacher, mum of two to Amy and Seb, a Senior researcher, and Iron(wo)man! She is a keen open water swimmer and having loved taking both her children to swimming lessons, she decided that whilst on maternity leave with her son she would train to become a swimming teacher!

    Sam teachers at Barons Quay and is passionate about teaching kids to swim, and building their confidence as it's such an important skill to learn. She's so proud of the progress her swimmers are making,and simply loves her job!

  • Bethany



    Bethany has been with us for over two years now. Prior to that she worked in a nursery, but it was her love of swimming and her love of working with children that made her take the Puddle Ducks swim teacher job as the perfect combination! Bethany says "I love to watch the confidence the children gain and the progression they make, it makes the job so worthwhile". Outside of work, Bethany has two little girls and a dog that keep her busy and entertained!



  • Ali



    Last but certainly not least our Head Office Technical Director Ali Beckman also teaches for us! Ali is a UK leading expert in swimming teaching, highly regarded within the industry. 

    Ali was a competitive swimmer for Swinton ASC and Salford Triple S until an injury forced her to quit at the age of 15. This is when a love of teaching swimming was born as Ali still wanted to have some involvement in the sport.

    Ali still swims, competing in long distance open water events and loves watching her two children train and compete for Northwich Centurions (swimming club). 


  • Rachael



    Rachael is an ex primary and secondary teacher and a Mum of two girls age 6 and 9 months. As well as teaching, she has worked as a community First Aider for St John's Ambulance and also a School visitor for Warburtons. More recently she and her family have been supporting children in their home as Foster carers.

    Rachael started going to Puddle Ducks when her eldest daughter was just 9 weeks old and then returned to swim with her younger daughter recently. She has always wanted to be a swimmin teacher and when the opportunity arose at Puddle Ducks Mid Cheshire, she jumped right on!

  • Harry


    Poolside Assistant

    Harry works at Barons Quay alongside studying for his GCSE's, playing football and working out. He hopes to start an apprenticeship next year and one day plans to be "very rich" Well just remember us when that happens Harry!

  • Ellie



    Ellie is one of our new Swim Academy teachers and is already a firm favourite with her swimmers! Ellie's love of teaching comes from when she used to swim at Puddle Ducks herslef, and says she had some of the best teachers who made the lessons extremely fun, yet she always found herself progressing with her swimming. Her aspiration to teach, came from thinkingif she could be one of those teachers for her own swimmers, that they would then love the water and swimming as much as she does. How fabulous is that!

  • Lilia


    Poolside Assistant

    Our lovely Lilia works at the seashell trust as a poolside assistant in between studying for her GCSE's. Lillia loves skateboarding in her spare time and like many of our poolside assistants has a famous Mother who also works at Puddle Ducks! Can you guess who it is?

  • Katie and Taz

    Katie and Taz

    Poolside Assistants

    Meet our dynamic Saturday duo who have been joined at the hip since birth, Katie and Taz are, our lovely Receptionists and Poolside assistants at Barons Quay. Both are in their last year of high school and doing their GCSE's.

    Katies hobbies are gymnastics and she loves competing in competitions and Taz is an open water swimmer as well as enjoying paddle boarding in her spare time.

    Both girls have got famous Mum's who work at Puddle Ducks! Can you guess who they are?

  • Charlotte



    Charlotte is a Swim academy teacher who is also training to teach our Baby & Pre school classes soon. Althought Charlotte has a degree in journalism, she wanted to make a difference in the lives of young people and hence joined the Puddle Ducks team to ensure that all children learn to swim beautifully!

  • Gaz


    Facilities Manager

    Gaz is our Facilities Manager, having worked at several other leisure facilities before joining Puddle Ducks in May 2022.

    Outside of work Gaz likes to play football, go to the cinema, zoom down the rides at Alton Towers and spend time with family.

  • Mel


    Duty Manager

    Mel is one our Duty Managers here at Mid Cheshire and loves organising our Puddle Ducks shop! in her spare time Mel takes part in local productions singing, dancing and shining like a star. She loves spending time with her children and family, and is always singing in the office. Do you know any duck songs Mel?  

  • Jude


    Poolside Assistant

    Jude is originally from Sunderland, Jude spends her free time running her Brownies group. 

    A lover of walking, musicals, rugby, ice hockey and animals, Jude has dogs, ducks and guinea pigs also keeping her busy at home.

  • Ali



    Ali returned to Cheshire in the UK in 2017 after 28 years working in Brazil. Previously she was based and working from a small fishing village, Maracaípe, in the state of Pernambuco.

    Academically qualified as an Underwater photographer in Plymouth, Devon and PADI Professional (Divemaster), she used these abilities in network communications, art and water therapy initiatives with children and young people and in defending the coral reef, & mangrove environments along with a passion for threatened species such a Sharks, Seahorses and Marine Turtles. 

    Now in 2023 being able to train as a Swimming Teacher is something that’s been a long term desire and with Puddle Ducks she has this wonderful opportunity to inspire a new generation to respect and love being in the water. Such an important life skill with so many great health benefits, it’s certainly something she wants to dedicate time and work hard to in order to deliver fun and excellent teaching sessions.  

  • Carys



    Carys is currently at sixth form college studying Psychology, English Literature and History which she really enjoys. Outside of school, Carys play piano, sings (she loves musical theatre in particular) and also volunteers at charity shops. Carys is also interested in filmmaking and would love to do something like this when she is older! 

    Carys says " I find that working at Puddle Ducks is very rewarding - it’s great to see children enjoying their swimming lessons and improving! The work environment is also great."

  • Charlotte



    Charlotte studies Maths, Business and History for all her A Levels at college, and has enjoyed swimming all her life! Charlotte used to swim competitively for Northwich Centurions where she now volunteers. She also loves playing netball for Northwich Sapphires.

    On working at Puddle Ducks Charlotte says " I really love how welcoming and supportive Puddle Ducks is, teaching here is so much fun."


  • Alicia



    Alicia is currently at college studying Maths, Psychology and Geography for her A-levels. She has swam competitively her whole life, and even swam at Puddle Ducks as a child! Alicia loves spending time with her friends, family, dog and going to the gym. Off working at Puddle Ducks Alicia says "Its so enjoyable and rewarding seeing the swimmers smiling and learning, I find myself looking forward to every shift"

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