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Can You Help Us Find The Perfect Pool?

Do you have a private indoor swimming pool...?

Or do you have a direct link to someone who owns a pool?

Puddle Ducks Norfolk & Suffolk are expanding their team and are looking for new pools within the two counties to run their classes. We would love to know if you know of any privately owned pools that may be interested in renting out their pool to one of the UK’s leading providers of premium swimming lessons for children from birth to 10 years.

We can work with most pools to adapt our classes to fit – starting with as little as 2 hours per week and building up to as many as 20 hours a week if available!  We operate all classes during school term times but have opportunities to operate throughout the summer holidays too. We can be completely flexible about hiring on dates and times when the pool is not being used.  

Do you have a private indoor swimming pool?

If so, did you know you could generate significant revenue by hiring your pool to Puddle Ducks for swimming lessons? Nationally, Puddle Ducks hires a number of small and medium sized pools, paying some many thousands of pounds annually. We can guide any pool owner through the process of hiring their pool, including ensuring the right insurance and health and safety documentation is place, we have a lot of experience of working with private swimming pool owners. In addition, all pool owners who hire to Puddle Ducks get FREE swimming lessons for the property owner’s children. 


If you know of anyone who would be interested, or you own your own private pool and would like to see if it would be suitable, please get in touch with Rebecca who will be able to provide you with more information. 

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