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Meet the Team

Find out more about our Puddle Ducks Norfolk and Suffolk team - both in and out of the pool!

  • Rebecca Lomax

    Rebecca Lomax

    Franchisee/ Teacher

    Swimming has always been a big part of Rebecca's life, particularly as a child with lots of fond memories of family holidays. After having her daughter Isla, Rebecca decided to launch Puddle Ducks Norfolk as a way of merging her love for swimming with her passion (and belief in the importance) of Baby & Preschool classes - for children and adults alike.

    Rebecca launched Puddle Ducks Norfolk in 2020 and is excited to watch it grow, alongside watching her own little Puddle Duck learn to swim!

  • Claire Bailey

    Claire Bailey

    Operations Manager

    Having been involved with Puddle Ducks since it launched in 2013, it has been amazing to watch it grow into what it is today. I did all the classes with my children and love being able to be part of our customers swimming journeys now. I love being involved in the running of the business operations and being at the end of the phone to our customers. We are very lucky to have such a super team.

  • Rebecca Wright

    Rebecca Wright

    Customer Care Manager

    Becky joined Puddle Ducks Suffolk on our very first day as Poolside Assistant.  After just a handful of customers she has seen us grow to a thriving pre-school swimming school.  After seeing how much fun being a teacher was Becky completed her teacher training.  In 2020 she took on the role of Customer Care Manager and in 2021 she hung up her costume but you will still see her Poolside.

    Becky says ‘Puddle Ducks is a great swimming school because we tailor each class to the needs of the individual child so they can progress at their own rate as well as learning invaluable life saving skills while having fun’.

  • Leanne Thomas

    Leanne Thomas

    Senior Teacher

    Leanne brought her daughter to Puddle Ducks when she was eight weeks old to the very first Puddle Ducks lesson and they both loved their lessons.  Leanne started as Poolside Assistant soon after and as soon as a teaching opportunity came up she took it and is now a Senior Teacher

    Leanne says ‘From both a parent and teacher view Puddle Ducks is such a happy and positive environment to be in.  Children are not just taught as part of a class but as individuals by highly skilled and trained teachers’.

  • Claire (Disney) Ling

    Claire (Disney) Ling

    Senior Teacher

    Claire also known as (Disney) started bringing her little boy to Puddle Ducks when he was 10 weeks old and fell in love with it. Having been in the water herself from a young age she knew she wanted to get him swimming as soon as she could. Watching him grow in confidence in the water has been amazing.

    Claire jumped at the chance of becoming a teacher when a vacancy came up!

  • Hollie Richardson

    Hollie Richardson


    Hollie started bringing her son to Puddle Ducks when he was four months old and thought being a teacher would be an amazing job.  When a position became available she jumped at the chance and has loved every minute of it!

    Hollie says ‘At Puddle Ducks we strive to make every single child and parent as comfortable in the water as possible, going that extra mile for difficult times.  We have the highest standards of health and safety and always have fun’.

  • Sam Porter

    Sam Porter


    Sam's daughter Poppy started with Puddle Ducks in 2013 and then Willow was soon to follow.  Seeing her children enjoying and learning such an important skill made Sam want to become a Puddle Ducks teacher as soon as the opportunity became available.

    Sam says ‘Puddle Ducks is a fab swimming school, essential life saving skills are taught in a fun and productive way’.

  • Emma Holland

    Emma Holland


    Emma started with us as Poolside Assistant and then qualified as a teacher.

    Emma says 'I loved swimming as a child and knew that when I had kids of my own it was something I would get them to try. My two children loved the Puddle Ducks lessons and are now very confident in the water. Puddle Ducks is a great way for babies and young children to learn to swim in a fun, friendly and safe atmosphere. 

  • Liv Muir

    Liv Muir


    Liv has always enjoyed swimming from a young age and remembers lots of fun times in the pool. After studying child development in high school and college she became very interested in working with children. After working in a nursery for two years, she decided to branch out into other areas of child education and trained to become a baby and pre-school swimming teacher with Puddle Ducks.


  • Chloe Fox

    Chloe Fox


    I’ve been coming with my daughter to Puddle Ducks since she was 9 months old, now a Little Dipper, she’s thriving from her swimming lessons. I’ve always loved the water from a young age and I believe swimming is a vital life skill. What better way to learn by having such a fun, relaxed and friendly atmosphere, like Puddle Ducks. 

  • Nikita Morris

    Nikita Morris


    Nikita was destined to join us here at Puddle Ducks, having had a lifelong passion for swimming since early childhood. In fact, according to family, Nikita could swim before she could even walk!

    Joining us on poolside and also training to become a teacher, Nikita can’t wait to watch your little ones becomes confident, independent swimmers.

    When she’s not in the pool Nikita can also be found surfing on the beautiful North Norfolk coast!

  • Jessica Gallant

    Jessica Gallant

    Poolside Assistant

    Jessica is a Poolside Assistant at Letts Swim, Hadleigh

    I've always been drawn to the water and I love working with children. One of my favourite things in swimming lessons is seeing the amazing progress and confidence the children gain from them. Swimming lessons aren’t just about learning to swim, they are about water confidence, safety in and around the water and making friends along the way

  • Molly Evans

    Molly Evans

    Poolside Assistant

    Molly is a Poolside Assistant at Letts Swim, Hadleigh

    I have always loved swimming, and it is amazing that I get the chance to see young swimmers become confident in the water, and to become part of an amazing team.

  • Maisie Loram

    Maisie Loram

    Poolside Assistant

    You can see Maisie at our Sunday morning lessons at Recreation Road Infant School, Norwich.

    With a love of swimming and a firm belief in the importance of swimming as a life skill for children, this really was the perfect job!

  • Sara Erskine

    Sara Erskine

    Swim Academy Poolside Assistant

    Sara loved swimming lessons as a young child, she feels its so important to learn to swim so it's great being able to work somewhere I can see other children learning and enjoying to swim.

  • Amy Ashby

    Amy Ashby

    Poolside Assistant

    Amy and her son have always loved the water, and love their Puddle Ducks lessons even more! So when the opportunity came up to join such an amazing and dedicated team, I couldn't say no!

  • Emma Skudder

    Emma Skudder

    Poolside Assistant

    Emma first found puddle ducks when she had her son who started at 6 months old and loved his journey in the warm and inviting pool. She believes children should learn this life skill in a fun environment so when she saw the chance to be part of the team, she jumped at it. 

  • Sarah Robinson

    Sarah Robinson

    Poolside Assistant

    After bringing my son to Puddle Ducks swimming lessons from the age of 6 months, he and myself have gained so much more confidence in the water. I'm so thrilled to be part of such a great team and it is a pleasure to assist teachers and parents to help the day run smoothly.

  • Holly Leach

    Holly Leach

    Teacher and Poolside Assistant

    I have always been a keen swimmer, I was on a swimming team when I was younger and competed in able bodied races as well as disabled. I had never considered doing this as a job but when I found the advert for a Poolside Assistant I went for it! I have now completed my teacher training and just love it!

  • Karen Leach

    Karen Leach

    Poolside Assistant

    My daughter Holly has just qualified as a teacher & I loved the idea of becoming a Poolside Assistant. Water confidence is so important & I'm really looking forward to being able to see that grow in the children and see them develop their new skills.

  • Chan Durrant

    Chan Durrant

    Poolside Assistant

    I've always loved going swimming from a young age. I think it's very important for young children to learn to swim. Not only that but I love to see how happy and proud the parents and children are when they accomplish their goals.

  • Henry Bailey

    Henry Bailey

    Poolside Assistant

    Having grown up with Puddle Ducks, I already feel part of the team! I was in the first lessons that started in Suffolk! I'm now looking forward to getting stuck in as a Poolside Assistant.

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